Corail Recycler 3.2.3 for 1.12.2


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    Nov 4, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.12
Minecraft Version = [1.12.2] - Forge Version []
Latest : 3.2.3 - Recommended : 3.2.3

Changes 3.2.3 :

  • fix #18 (avoids a crash if the result uses more slots than the visual grid)
  • config option to enable/disable the automation of the recycler
  • config with annotations : the config file is now in the root of the config folder in this version (but others files are always in the recycler folder)

Changes 3.2.2 :

  • energy storage to speed up twice faster the recycler when in mode "auto"
  • more check to prevent #14

Changes 3.2.1 :

  • prevent #14 (null in enchantMap)
  • the mini player in the gui is now able to look everywhere

Changes 3.2.0 :

  • fix #13 (damaged items and display enchantments in the crafting grid)

Changes 3.1.0 :

  • fix #12 (related to a divide by zero that could happen with the config option about losses)
  • update mappings

Changes 3.0.0 :

First of all, you need to empty your existing recyclers' inventories before updating to this release (as i can't preserve it due to the numerous changes)

  • the recipes are only required on the server
  • new model for the recycler
  • numerous changes on the recycler GUI (there's now an input inventory that automatically fills the working slots, the interface is more vanilla, there's a layer on slots "in use",...)
  • the recycling book is now an icon button on the recycler (no more an item)
  • add a button on the recycler gui only visible for admins(permission level) to generate/delete recipe instead of using the command
  • the recycler emits light when working
  • config option for the default time to recycle
  • prefix all lang key with the modId
  • fix the recipe of the different beds
  • the recycler recipe is changed and now requires a chest
  • ensure all the logic to be on server side