Corail Tombstone


This mod allows to keep the lost items in a tombstone when you die. When clicking the grave, it automatically equips your armor and returns back your lost items.

When you died, and if the option "access needed" is on, you'll receive a grave's key allowing you to know the path to your grave.

This key can be upgraded to be able to directly teleport to your grave and disappears automatically if the grave doesn't exist anymore.

The mod is server friendly, and should work with all dimensions, it has translations for english, french, german and chinese. The mod supports minecraft version 1.8.9 to 1.12

You must be in survival mode, with rule keepInventory set to false, and at least one item lost, to have a tombstone. The mod requires Forge, feel free to contact me for any problem.

I need your help to make the mod as stable as possible and compatible, so if you find bugs, please report them on the issues link :)


  • enchant soulbound of EnderIO (tested on 1.10.2)
  • enchant soulbound of Arts Magica 2 (tested on their beta 1.10.2)
  • baubles (but no auto equip for baubles slots)

The decorative graves

The decorative graves are normal block with a fog particle only during the night. They can be silk harvest (normal harvest only gives stones).

Depending for now on thunders, the decorative graves can be haunted by a soul showing they can be used for some enchants. The soul stays until used. This allows to activate/bind a scroll of recall and can upgrade the grave key too.

Textures in Tombstone 1.2.6

Textures in Tombstone 1.2.5-

Decorative graves

The Recipes

These recipes used stone and skeleton skull

The Simple Grave Recipe : 

The Normal Grave Recipe :

The Cross Grave Recipe :

The Tombstone Recipe :

Upgrade Grave's Key Recipe :

NB : you can upgrade the grave key on a grave soul too.

Scroll of Recall Recipe :

The Scroll of Recall allows you to directly teleport to a decorative grave (you need first to bind the scroll to a grave with a soul over it, then if you use again the scroll, you will be teleport to the grave) 

What does the config allows

  • set the xp lost
  • configure an access to the grave based on a grave's key (the key disappears when grave doesn't exist anymore)
  • set a decay time, allowing to access the grave without key (for anyone)
  • disable the fog effect and the highlight when holding the key
  • set the ingredient to upgrade the grave's key
  • enable/disable teleport to others dimensions and upgrade of the key
  • activate PVP Mode (no need access to tombstone after death when killed by player)
  • there's an editable json whitelist of blocks (in config folder) that can be replaced by the tombstone (example : grass)

Some changes for next release

  • increase the size of decorative graves
  • add the sound for the tomb activated
  • reintroduce the full content as an addon of Tombstone, "Dark Rituals", on the theme of dark magic with the graves, currently in development 

Soul over Grave

What was the full version

The full version is for now outdated but its content was random spawn of grave events with skeleton knight encounter and new rewards like random banners and shields (with new pattern sometimes), new scrolls with magical use (example : transform an horse in an undead horse, teleport you to your spawn point).

How can you help for translations ?

You just need to give me the same format of file as in this Folder on

Special thanks

@brandon3055 : teleport code from his library


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