Corail Tombstone

" Tombstone is a grave mod with lots of features on death and teleportation, in a medieval fantasy atmosphere related to the grave's souls. "


When you die, all your lost items are kept in a tombstone  and you receive a Grave's Key allowing you to know the path to your grave (this key can be upgraded to be able to directly teleport to your grave and disappears automatically if the grave doesn't exist anymore).

You just need to click the grave, to automatically equip your armor and recover your lost items.
Hint : to have a tombstone, you must be in survival mode, with rule keepInventory set to false, and at least one item lost (or a drop nearly)

The second part of the mod focus on some magic items requiring Grave's Soul (look at Decorative Graves or directly the spotlight Video below), and allowing some features related to death and dimensional teleportation (also in commands). This allows to customize the mod with in-game content instead of config options. (example : cancel the xp loss can be done in the config, but it's better to set it with a loss like 25-50% and use the magical scrolls to preserve it)

Check the config file to see all the custom features of this mod. Java 8 is required.

The mod work fine on server, supports minecraft version 1.8.9 to 1.12.2 and has translations for english, french, dutch and german. (my main language is french)



I'm for now on a new mod on a magic theme, but i should make soon an update for Tombstone about the casting animation.
Corail Tombstone : Lost TabletRelease 2.5 is out with theses features :

  • auto-equip Galacticraft Slots when you recovers your lost items from a grave (in v2.5.2)
  • config option to prevent abuses with 'ghostly shape' (cancel the effect if a chest is opened or when breaking blocks) (#24)
  • enhance tooltip (shift for more informations)
  • lost tablet : only obtained by fishing (low rate in junk tableloot) & in creative tab
    - when discovered, it requires some time to wake up its magic

    - when the magic wake up, the tablet can broke into dust or reveal an unexplored structure (mainly village and a few others structures)
    - the tablet can be enchanted to allow teleportation
    - work like a "grave's key" (showing at distance, and doesn't consume the item, but requires to be enchanted each time for teleportation)

    - config option chance to set the chance to get a lost tablet by fishing

    - there're for 2 different icons for tablet + advancement
  • command TBTeleportDiscovery can be used with a few others structures (Temple, Mansion, Monument)
  • disable snow layer on top of graves
  • allow the fishing rod of misadventure to be enchanted with a grave's soul (unbreakable & faster) & fix the malus on the rod ;)
  • config option to disable auto-equip for baubles slots (can be used for compatibility with Skillable)

The decorative graves

The decorative graves are special blocks with a fog particle only during the night.
They can be harvested with shovel/pickaxe and can be engraved with the anvil (and an iron lingot in the second slot).
Depending for now on thunders, the decorative graves can be haunted by a soul.
The soul stays until used and allows some enchants like magic scroll/tablet, or upgrade the grave's key.
grave animation    
Hint : The advancement/achievement gives you rewards, nearly enough to build a decorative grave.

The Recipes

Grave Marble                                     Simple Grave                                     Normal Grave
Corail Tombstone : Grave Marble  Corail Tombstone : Simple Grave  Corail Tombstone : Normal Grave
Cross Grave                                        Tombstone                                         Upgrade Grave's Key
Corail Tombstone : Cross Grave  Corail Tombstone : Tombstone  Corail Tombstone : Upgrade Grave's Key
Strange Scroll                                    Strange Tablet                                   Scroll of Knowledge
Corail Tombstone : Strange Scroll  Corail Tombstone : Strange Tablet  Corail Tombstone : Scroll of Knowledge
Scroll of Preservation                      Tablet of Assistance                         Tablet of Recall
Corail Tombstone : Scroll of Preservation  Corail Tombstone : Tablet of Assistance  Corail Tombstone : Tablet of Recall

Hint : you can also upgrade the grave's key with a soul - undead can drop Grave's Dust (10%) & Skull (0.5%)
Scroll of Unstable Intangibleness : provide a potion effect making you invincible for one second every 5 seconds
Fishing Rod of Misadventure : new fishing rod (with more chance to have junk while fishing)

The Commands

  • TBTeleport : dimensional teleport to player or position

  • TBTeleportDiscovery : teleport to an unexplored village (or a few others structures)

  • TBTeleportToVillage : teleport to an explored village

  • TBShowLastGrave : show last player's grave position

  • TBTeleportToGrave : dimensional teleport to last known grave of a player

  • TBRestoreInventory : return the grave inventory to its owner

The Effects (command /effect)

  • 'tombstone:ghostly_shape' : an effect preventing creatures to attack you (similar to the effect after your death)

  • 'tombstone:preservation' : an effect keeping your active beneficial effects after your death

  • 'tombstone:unstable_intangibleness' : an effect making you invulnerable one second every 5 seconds

Videos Spotlight

Corail Tombstone 1.4.1 (by Mr. MigeX)

Corail Tombstone 1.3.2 (by Leonardo YT)

Corail Tombstone 1.2.10 (by Guartinajo)

Known Compatibility

  • Inventory :
    - 'Baubles' (with auto-equip)
    - 'GalactiCraft' (with auto-equip)
    - any mod dropping a special inventory (like 'Aether Legacy') but no auto-equip
    - 'Wearable Backpacks' (the bag is not stored in the grave, but there's a config, disabled by default, allowing to move the backpack near the grave)
  • 'Ice and Fire' (in v2.4+)
  • Enchant Soulbound (tested with 'EnderIO' & 'Arts Magica 2')
  • 'Cubic Chunks' (in v.2.1+)
  • Claimed Area ('FTB Utilities' & 'GriefPrevention', but it's better if you configure these mods correctly)
  • 'NighKosh's GraveStone' (fully compatible)
  • vanilla spawn protection (allow to click the player's grave in the spawn area on dedicated server)
  • 'Level Up' (related to clone event, disable xp handling)
  • 'Skillable' (there's a config option to prevent auto-equip with baubles slots)

Known Incompatibility

  • 'Welcome to the Jungle' (there's a provisory fix to make it works)
  • 'EuhDawson's GraveStone' (there's a provisory fix since v.1.3.9+
  • 'Sync' (but  you can set the config option "overrideDeathIfThereAreAvailableShells" to 0 in Sync mod, or choose to disable access for grave)

Extension "Dark Rituals"

This extension is on development, but it consists of several scattered codes in different minecraft versions, and the content removed from Tombstone.

So, i'll probably release a very small version to enhance Tombstone with contents that exceeds the "grave mod" context, and add the whole content over time.
The whole content will makes you a soul collector, and will i
nclude a series of quests to find how to collect souls, special encounters related to graves and an altar to use some dark magic.

Others changes to come :

  • make a part of the code as an api (mainly to allow others mods to use grave's souls)
  • "something undefined for survival mode" to travel easily through the explored villages
  • replace the vertex to see the grave at distance, with new shape
  • allow teleportation to affect all nearby players around the user for some tablets & scrolls
  • include events (christmas and so on)
  • receptacle to collect souls (and move them)
  • custom crafting scroll system (with gui)
  • config option to show date in minecraft time (starting at year 1)
  • make the textures in 16 pixel max (& provide the current ones in a texture pack)
  • autoconfigure Grief Prevention to allow graves (contact me if you need the commands to allow graves in your server)
  • new item allowing to prevent death (not like totem, it positions you to a safe location, heals you and removes your bad effects) + same as potion effect
  • compatibility with 'Sync' mod (grave's key isn't given to player when he changes of body)
  • advancement to build a decorative grave in a village (with a book as reward to provide informations about rituals + recipe to craft this book)
  • souls have different color states in village over time (in way to use them in ritual)
  • add a custom capability for village to handle the rituals
  • rituals are active effects on village that last 1 week (mainly to assist or protect villagers)
  • lost tablet for a treasure will add some more drops in one chest of this structure (could be ingredient for rituals)
  • an independant merchant only appearing sometimes in village (can provide some rare components for rituals)

Special thanks

@brandon3055 : the teleport code from his library (with permission)
@Robijn Vogel : always the good advice ;)
@Paul Fulham & @Tterrag : for all their precious advices

@Barteks2x : for advices on chunks
@Guartinajo & Leonardo YT & Mr. MigeX : their videos to show how the mod works
@InsomniaKitten : ideas about the grave models
@Ewy : about spinning animation

@Cofh Team : texture for the grave's dust (with permission)


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