Corail Tombstone

" Corail Tombstone keeps you from losing your belongings by dying, with many features of survivability and dimensional teleportation, in a medieval fantasy atmosphere related to the grave's souls. "


When you die, all your lost items are kept in a tombstone  and you receive a Grave's Key allowing you to know the path to your grave (this key can be enchanted to be able to directly teleport to your grave and disappears automatically if the grave doesn't exist anymore).

You just need to click the grave, to automatically equip your armor and recover your lost items.
Hint : to have a tombstone, the rule keepInventory needs to be set to false, and you need at least one item on you (or a drop nearby)

The second part of the mod focus on some magic items requiring Grave's Soul (look at Decorative Graves), and allowing some features related to death and dimensional teleportation (also in commands). This allows to customize the mod with in-game content instead of config options. (example : cancel the xp loss can be done in the config, but it's better to set it with a loss like 25-50% and use the magical scrolls to preserve it)

Check the config file to see all the custom features of this mod. Java 8 is required.

The mod work fine on server, supports minecraft version 1.8.9 to 1.12.2 and has translations for english, french, dutch and german. (my main language is french)

If you want to thanks me for my continuous updates, you can use the donation link or by contributing to my patreon



Depending on how i'll get feedbacks on 1.10.2, i'll continue to update this version.

Coming Changes in release 2.9.5 : in ~ 2 days

  • allows to activate player's graves by sneaking (to have a way to avoid anti-griefing mods)
  • adds a param entity for the commands teleportdiscovery & teleportvillage (and so they can be used now in console)
  • disables the shadow step particles for player in first person (on themself only)
  • add the mod VanillaFix as optional dependency
  • ghostly shape provides a night & aquatic vision + Scroll of True Sight (the fog is intentional)

  • improvments on translation (mainly to fit with coming 1.13) -> nearly finished (in way to be able to change them easily in the future)
  • prevents others mods to remove graves (with set air)

Some changes in release 2.9 :

  • Book Of Disenchantment : strips the enchantments of an item (with a grave's soul)
  • force grave to spawn with any anti-griefing mod (and a config option to disable this)
  • client config option (disabled by default) to skip the respawn screen (except in hardcore, and by using the Gui event)
  • list of location (+range) where graves don't spawn with a custom message when this happens, mainly for some modpacks arenas (the list is in the config folder with an example in it)
  • new command /tbrecovery <saveallplayers|saveplayer <player>|loadplayer<player> <save>>
    -> to manually backup all players (or one), or to rollback a player from an old save (use 'tab' for easy completions)
    -> the datas are readables & saved in world folder (to fit with world backup) & use ThreadedFileIOBase
    + config options to allow to backup the players automatically (max 5 saves by playerId, and the default value enables this feature every 60 minutes)
  • new item "Voodoo Poppet" : prevent you to die from some specific damages, providing a small potion effect to counter the kind of damage, and healing you.
  • new scrolls : "Scroll of Feather Fall" (slowing any fall) & "Scroll of Purification" (dispel your negative effects over time)
  • auto-equip for The Betweenlands

The decorative graves

The decorative graves are special blocks with a fog particle only during the night.
They can be harvested with shovel/pickaxe and can be engraved with the anvil (and an iron lingot in the second slot).
The decorative graves can be haunted by a soul, depending on your chance (thundering was required in old versions)
The soul stays until used and allows some enchants like magic scroll/tablet, or upgrade the grave's key.
grave animation    
Hint : The advancement/achievement gives you rewards, nearly enough to build a decorative grave.

The Recipes

Grave Marble                                     Simple Grave                                     Normal Grave
Corail Tombstone : Grave Marble  Corail Tombstone : Simple Grave  Corail Tombstone : Normal Grave
Cross Grave                                        Tombstone                                         Upgrade Grave's Key
Corail Tombstone : Cross Grave  Corail Tombstone : Tombstone  Corail Tombstone : Upgrade Grave's Key
Strange Scroll                                    Strange Tablet                                   Scroll of Knowledge
Corail Tombstone : Strange Scroll  Corail Tombstone : Strange Tablet  Corail Tombstone : Scroll of Knowledge
Scroll of Preservation                      Tablet of Assistance                         Tablet of Recall
Corail Tombstone : Scroll of Preservation  Corail Tombstone : Tablet of Assistance  Corail Tombstone : Tablet of Recall

Hint : you can also upgrade the grave's key with a soul - undead can drop Grave's Dust (10%) & Skull (0.5%)
Scroll of Unstable Intangibleness : provide a potion effect making you invincible for one second every 5 seconds
Fishing Rod of Misadventure : new fishing rod (with more chance to have junk while fishing)
Lost Tablet : found while fishing in the junk loot table, and allowing to discover some structures and teleport to it
Dust of Vanishing : make you vanish in a smoke column preventing monsters to target you for a short time, and teleport you on the same time to a safe backward location allowing an easy retreat
Soul receptacle : to set a soul on a grave for creative purpose and modpack reward, and prevent to die if the player has one on him (breaking the item)
Voodoo Poppets : prevent you to die from some specific damages

The Commands

  • TBTeleport : dimensional teleport to player or position
  • TBTeleportDiscovery : teleport to an unexplored village (or a few others structures)
  • TBTeleportToVillage : teleport to an explored village
  • TBShowLastGrave : show last player's grave position
  • TBTeleportToGrave : dimensional teleport to last known grave of a player
  • TBRestoreInventory : return the grave inventory to its owner

The Enchantments

  • Soulbound : keeps theses items on the player after death (includes an auto-equip on respawn)
  • Shadow Step : reduces the distance that monsters detect you and slightly reduces falling damage (cumulates with sneaking, doesn't work while riding and can only be put on boots)

The Effects (command /effect)

  • 'tombstone:ghostly_shape' : similar to the effect after your death : removes bad effects/burning, slowing any fall, slightly heals, prevents creatures to attack you and provides waterbreathing under water
  • 'tombstone:diversion' : an effect preventing creatures to attack you
  • 'tombstone:preservation' : an effect keeping your active beneficial effects after your death
  • 'tombstone:unstable_intangibleness' : an effect making you invulnerable one second every 5 seconds
  • 'tombstone:feather_fall' : an effect slowing your fall and preventing any fall damage
  • 'tombstone:purification' : an effect clearing any negative effects on you over time

Known Compatibility

  • Inventory :
    - Auto-equip : 'Baubles', 'GalactiCraft', 'Techguns', 'Aether Legacy' & 'RPG Inventory'
    - any mod dropping a special inventory but no auto-equip
    - 'Wearable Backpacks' (the bag is not stored in the grave, but there's a config option allowing to move the backpack near the grave - disabled by default)
  • 'Ender IO', 'Openblocks', 'Cubic Chunks', 'Level Up', 'Cavern 2', 'Skillable' & 'Reskillable'
  • 'Ice and Fire' (but for me, this mod is unsafe, and requires some tricks to make it compatible)
  • 'NighKosh's GraveStone' (fully compatible)
  • 'JourneyMap' (there're messages to allow you to set waypoints)
  • 'Sync' (the grave's keys are correctly tranferred on death)
  • Claimed Area ('FTB Utilities' & 'GriefPrevention plugin', 'Nation plugin')
    -> tombstone can place the grave by default, but you need to allow to use the key on the grave in the config of theses mods (i'm going to add a second way to interact with graves)
  • vanilla spawn protection (allow to click the player's grave in the spawn area on dedicated server)

Special thanks

@brandon3055 : the teleport code from his library (with permission)
@Robijn Vogel : always the good advice ;)
@Paul Fulham, @Tterrag, @Gegy & @Mezz : for all their precious advices

@Barteks2x : for advices on chunks
@Streamers : their videos to show how the mod works
@InsomniaKitten : ideas about the grave models
@Ewy : about spinning animation

@Cofh Team : texture for the grave's dust (with permission)


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