Corail Tombstone 2.9.6 for 1.12.2


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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.12

Minecraft Version = [1.12.2] - Forge Version []

Latest : 2.9.6 - Recommended : 2.9.6

Changes 2.9.6 :

NB : all the config options are reset in this version

  • add the missing recipe & advancement for the scroll of true sight
  • the tablet of assistance requires an acceptance from the other player (with a chat message to click and only valid 30 seconds)
  • command /tbteleportdiscovery can be used to teleport to Stronghold, EndCity, Fortress, Mineshaft (and the different temples are splitted)
    + improve the placement (faster as it only looks for a slice of the chunk) 
    + add an optional param for the dimension
  • the tablet of recall can only be bound to a decorative grave (by sneaking with the tablet in main hand) and this also applies the cooldown on the item
  • the chance for a soul on a decorative grave doesn't matter if the chunk/world is loaded or not (based on the last checked time and how many checks has been skipped and one unique test (with probability), the check is now done every 30 minutes (and the config doesn't limit the chance value)
  • lost tablets show the kind of destination (and can lead to some more structures), and the location can be in another world if the current one doesn't fit to the structure
  • adapt some loot tables with a separate pool

Changes 2.9.5 :

  • allows to activate player's graves by sneaking (to have a way to avoid anti-griefing mods)
  • adds a param entity for the commands teleportdiscovery & teleportvillage (and so they can be used now in console)
  • disables the shadow step particles for player in first person (on themself only)
  • ghostly shape provides a night & aquatic vision
  • Scroll of True Sight
  • improvments on translation (not on the content, but how it works)
  • graves will always drop their inventory when "some mods" replace graves with air
  • the mod VanillaFix is now an optional dependency (because it fix MC-129057)

Changes 2.9.4 : (special thanks to Runemoro)

  • Book Of Disenchantment : strips the enchantments of an item (with a grave's soul)
  • force grave to spawn with any anti-griefing mod (and a config option to disable this)
  • client config option (disabled by default) to skip the respawn screen (except in hardcore, and by using the Gui event)
  • list of location (+range) where graves don't spawn with a custom message when this happens, mainly for some modpacks arenas (the list is in the config folder with an example in it)
  • slightly increase the maximal size of grave inventories
  • prevent to use some commands on a dead player or spectator

Changes 2.9.3 : (special thanks to Gegy & Ichttt)

  • new command /tbrecovery <saveallplayers|saveplayer <player>|loadplayer<player> <save>>
    -> to manually backup all players (or one), or to rollback a player from an old save (use 'tab' for easy completions)
    -> the datas are readables & saved in world folder (to fit with world backup) & use ThreadedFileIOBase
    NB : don't use the command loadplayer on a dead player, or he'll need to relog (i'll improve this soon)
  • config options to allow to backup the players automatically (max 5 saves by playerId, and the default value enables this feature every 60 minutes)

Changes 2.9.2 :

  • remove support for the command /back of FTBUtilities (because of a breaking change in FTBUtilities-
    NB : if your kind of modpack requires to have a way to return easily to the grave, you can set the config option for the chance to have an enchanted key on death to 100% (allowing one unique teleportation)
  • add some checks on compatibilities

Changes 2.9.1 :

  • auto-equip for the mod "The BetweenLands" (with config option to disable this feature)

Changes 2.9.0 :

  • new item "Voodoo Poppet" : prevent you to die from some specific damages, providing a small potion effect to counter the kind of damage, and healing you. The poppet can cumulate multiple protections, and then requires to be sealed with a soul.
  • new scrolls : "Scroll of Feather Fall" (slowing any fall) & "Scroll of Purification" (dispel your negative effects over time)
    -> also merge all scrolls providing spell buff in the same item (existing scrolls will convert automatically)
  • ghostly shape doesn't half fall damage anymore but applied the "Feather Fall I" effect if needed
  • reintroduce the crafting recipe for the grave's key
  • remove tombstone potion icons in debug screen
  • itemstack tooltips only show the "hold shift" based on client config

Changes 2.8.7 :

  • allow to disable the tombstone enchantments in config
  • add some infos about the tombstone enchantments on the tooltip of the enchanted book
  • lang modifs on the messages about teleportation & last grave (wasn't correctly formatted in 2.8.5)
  • reenchant the grave's key if needed when your items are stored in an existing grave (related to config option about the chance to get a key directly enchanted)
  • allow grave for creative players
  • some improvments on "lost tablet" (but i'll come back on this "beta" item later)
  • slowdown the checks to see if a grave's key should be destroyed
  • improves the message about the new grave by adding some infos about accesses and decayTime

Changes 2.8.5 :

  • auto-equip 'Aether Legacy' & 'RPG Inventory' accessories, and food slots of 'techguns'
  • waypoints for JourneyMap
  • replace how you get a soul on a grave with a check every hour based on the date of placement (because thundering doesn't fit well)
  • client config option to let you choose the color of your particles when using magic items
  • remove the 'provisory fix' for 'welcome to the jungle' (the modder explains on his page how to set his config)
  • when harvesting a decorative grave, only remove the tileentity after the drop (to keep the name on the itemstack)
  • allow to harvest decorative graves with pickaxe (before only shovel was working)

Changes 2.8.4 :

  • add the effect "water breathing" to player in water in "ghostly shape"
  • add a different message to player when tombstone prevents a player from falling in the void  depending if it's with the server config preventDeathOutsideWorld or the soul receptacle
  • transfer the grave's keys and soulbound items in a separate event than the grave event
  • apply some features of tombstone to players in creative mode
  • allow to spawn grave and teleport in water in aqua cavern of 'cavern' mod
  • add some infos on the item "soul receptacle" (about death prevention)
  • add a more precise message on death depending if you have no loot to recover (no grave so), if an existing grave has been filled or if it's a new grave. (with coord & dim)
  • provisory fix for a "forgeSponge" bug related to "techguns" ammos preventing theses items to be catched by grave in the drops event (solved by using a callable to catch the drops later)
  • lowercase for all tombstone commands (and some will be renamed without "To" for easy 'tabulation' with sponge console command-line)

Changes 2.8.3 :

  • adapt the item "soul receptacle" to prevent to die if the player has one in his inventory (breaking the item)
    -> the player is moved to a safe position, with full health (and remove any bad effects/burning)
  • server config option to prevent to die outside of world (same effect as soul receptacle, disabled by default)
  • adapt the default config options and some minor changes

Changes 2.8.2 :

  • new item "soul receptacle" : to set a soul on a grave (no recipe, it's for creative purpose and modpack quest reward)
  • adapt the enchant 'shadow step' : once you're detected, the effect is inactive (even if you sneak to reduce the distance), and the 'aggressive range' is reduced by the expected value (20% while sneaking + 10% by enchantment level + 10% if night)
  • server config option to nerf 'shadow step' : the effect is only active while sneaking
  • server config option to only apply the effect of the shadow step on players (enabled by default)
  • server config option about the chance to get an already enchanted grave's key on respawn (allowing teleportation)
  • allow to disable the xp handler in config
  • server config options to enable/disable the auto-equip for techguns & galacticraft inventories
  • client config option to let players choose to auto-equip elytra in priority

Changes 2.8.1 :

  • fix for the 'shadow step' enchantment introduces in 2.8.0 (#27, thanks Kreezxil for the report)
  • new enchantment 'Soulbound' : keep these items on the player after death (includes an auto-equip on respawn) - tested with Sync/LevelsUp
  • better integration of the curse enchantments (and with the soulbound) & auto-equip elytra
  • remove the crafting recipe to upgrade the grave's key (as decorative graves can upgrade keys)
  • support for the FTB Utilities command /back is always active (no more a config option, with Latvian agreement)
  • prevent to launch Gravestone (from Euhdawson) with Tombstone

Changes 2.8.0 :

  • new enchantment 'Shadow Step' : reduces the distance that monsters detect you and slightly reduces falling damage.
    This enchant can only be put on boots (even with anvil in creative mode), has a custom particle(can be disabled in client config), has 3 levels possible, cumulates with sneaking, and doesn't work while riding)
  • new texture for the grave's smoke (always in 64px)
  • Dust of Vanishing : make you vanish in a smoke column preventing monsters to target you for a short time (5 seconds), and teleport you on the same time to a safe backward location allowing an easy retreat. It's a way to use your grave's dust in something else (and can really improve the survivability).
    This dust is craftable by combining with gunpowder (stackable by 64), has a cooldown of 10 seconds on use and the effect is cancelled if you attack something.
  • about ghostly shape : slight heal, half fall damage and prevent bad effects (and burning)
  • add a compatibility for FTB Utilities : redirect the command "back" from this mod to the grave position (disabled by default in config)
  • small fix : when grave's accesses aren't needed (server config), the grave's key is only removed after restoring the inventory (so the items are one slot away from their previous position in the inventory)

Changes 2.7.2 :

  • some improvments when recovering your lost items
  • add some compatibilities with openblocks : prevent tombstone anvil recipes from being in the auto anvil & handle the case where the 2 mods are set to handle graves

Changes 2.7.1 :

  • small fix for the auto-equip Techguns Slots

Changes 2.7.0 :

  • auto-equip Techguns Slots (when you recovers your lost items from a grave)
  • improve slightly the new casting animation

Changes 2.6.0 :

  • improve the casting animation when using magic items

Changes 2.5.2 :

  • auto-equip Galacticraft Slots (when you recovers your lost items from a grave)
  • add more infos on the fishing rod
  • ObjectHolder annotations (registration)

Changes 2.5.0 :

  • config option to prevent abuses with 'ghostly shape' (cancel the effect if a chest is opened or when breaking blocks) (#24)
  • enhance tooltip (shift for more informations)
  • lost tablet : only obtained by fishing (low rate in junk tableloot) & in creative tab
    - when discovered, it requires some time to wake up its magic

    - when the magic wake up, the tablet can broke into dust or reveal an unexplored structure (mainly village and a few others structures)
    - the tablet can be enchanted to allow teleportation
    - work like a "grave's key" (showing at distance, and doesn't consume the item, but requires to be enchanted each time for teleportation)

    - config option chance to set the chance to get a lost tablet by fishing

    - there're for 2 different icons for tablet + advancement
  • command TBTeleportDiscovery can be used with a few others structures (Temple, Mansion, Monument)
  • disable snow layer on top of graves
  • allow the fishing rod of misadventure to be enchanted with a grave's soul (unbreakable & faster) & fix the malus on the rod ;)
  • config option to disable auto-equip for baubles slots (can be used for compatibility with Skillable)

Changes 2.4.1 :

  • fix #25 : null pointer
  • cancel 'ghostly shape' 5 seconds after recovering items from a grave

Changes 2.4.0 :

  • new feature to customize the village siege with config options : (set to vanilla values by default)
    - the existing conditions (number of doors[10], villagers[20], chance to occur[10%])
    - a new condition (number of golems, set to 0 by default)
    - disable VillageSiege Tick for Nether/End dimensionType
    - set if creative player can be included in location for siege village [true by default in vanilla]
    - set the maximum number of hostile creatures when a siege occurs [20]
  • finally a fix for "ice & fire" (#17, dragons could transform the grave into charred blocks) (@Runemoro)
  • provide more compatibility with 'Level Up' mod (#23, by disabling xp handling when the mod is present)
  • always equip the same armor after re-equip (#22)
  • fishing rod of misadventure : new fishing rod (with more chance to have junk while fishing)
    => created with deadbush (cut with shears) & grave's dust + advancement
  • some checks on teleport if another mod has cancelled it (mainly to prevent item to loose one use)
  • minor improvments/cleaning on code

Changes 2.3.2 :

  • avoid to place the grave in underground cave (#19)
  • incompatibility with 'ice & fire' (should fix #17)
  • fix a message about "wrong key" (as in 2.3, you don't need to hold the key in hand to open a grave)
  • place 'Wearable BackPack' near the grave if too far away (#18)
    + config option to enable this feature (disabled by default)
  • config option for chance to loose items on death (#20)
  • command TBTeleport adjustment (teleport to the center of the blockpos)
  • decorative graves slightly emits light (but less than player's graves)

Changes 2.3.0 :

  • command TBTeleport : for dimensional teleport to any position [fully working]
    => TBTeleport [entity] <destination>
    => <destination> = <targetEntity> or <x> <y> <z> [dim]
  • remove the command TBTeleportToPlayer (as the command above can do it too)
  • command TBTeleportToGrave : change the syntaxe to allow to teleport playerX to graveY
    => TBTeleportToGrave [player] [playerGrave]
  • command "TBTeleportToGrave", "TBShowLastGrave" & "TBRestoreInventory" looks for grave's key on the player to use it as location when the deathHandler hadn't this data anymore (as last known grave isn't a persistent data)
  • handle argument "~", "@p" in some of the different new commands (and add some parsing check)
  • only trigger the advancement "first_grave" if the grave is really built
  • provisory fix for "welcome to the jungle" to prevent the mod to cancel grave
  • compatibility with "ice & fire" (dragons could transform the grave into charred blocks)
  • update baubles api
  • some changes about grave placement and teleportation
    - the placer looks for positions to the up & down on the same time
    - look for "ideal pattern" before returning a lower pattern
    => ideal pattern for grave is a place where you can tp over the grave and with a safe ground below the grave
  • check if the last grave is close when generating a new grave, and fill the grave if it has enough space

Changes 2.2.0 :

  • command TBTeleportDiscovery : teleport to a unexplored village [no param, it finds itself the village]
  • command TBTeleportToVillage : teleport to an explored village (using only a number as param from 0 to X, to avoid to use position)
  • improve spawn placement for teleportation (and grave placement btw), check PathNodeType for modded blocks (mainly for damage type)
  • ensure teleportation to ungenerated lands(thanks barteks2x)
  • add information on some items about the distance to reach a destination
  • tablet of recall can show the path (like the key) and can change the binded place (while sneaking)

Changes 2.1.5 :

  • fix #14 (about world border)
  • improve grave's key (grave can be seen from any distance, remove useless grave's key also in offhand)
  • command TBRestoreInventory (return the grave inventory to its owner, only work with the last grave data)

Changes 2.1.4 :

  • protect grave against ender dragon (fix #13)
  • remove sound packet
  • 1.10.2 is now also compatible with Cubic Chunks (thanks Barteks2x)

Changes 2.1.3 :

  • fix about grave's inventory not dropped when broken

Changes 2.1.2 :

  • fix #12 (refering to ghostly appearance & version 2.1.1)

Changes 2.1.1 :

  • add a ghostly appareance during the second you're invincible with the Scroll of Unstable Intangibleness
  • fix the ghostly shape appearance (issue #11)
  • add tab completions for player/grave list in commands
  • command TBTeleportToGrave : can be used without player name, to refer to your grave
  • command TBTeleportToPlayer  : remove the 'teleport to you' case & limit to online players

Changes 2.1.0 :

  • Scroll of Unstable Intangibleness : provide a potion effect making you invincible for one second every 5 seconds
  • compatibility with Cubic Chunks (and with any mod using uncommon values for world height)
  • config option : set the decorative graves as unbreakable (default to false)
  • ingame-command : (tested on dedicated server)
    - TBShowLastGrave : show last player's grave position & dimension (can be used in console)
    - TBTeleportToGrave : teleport to last player's grave (also dimensional)
    - TBTeleportToPlayer : teleport to player (also dimensional)

Changes 2.0.1 :

  • a player's grave also appears if this player has no drop, but there are drops around
  • compatibility with Aether Legacy
  • protect decorative graves against explosion (like player's grave)

Changes 2.0.0 : This beta is working correctly but i need feedbacks on the whole changes

  • all the magic items are updated, they have now "casting time" & "cooldown", and get some missing translations/texts
  • about scroll :
    - improve the scroll model 
    - all scrolls' recipes require now a "Strange Scroll" (instead of paper)
      recipe = paper, stick & "Grave's Dust"

    - "Scroll of preservation" : when used, provide a potion effect that keep your experience and beneficial effects after death (for command, the effect name is tombstone:preservation)
      recipe = strange scroll + rabbit's foot
  • about drop :
    - "Grave's Dust" is dropped by undead (10%, configurable) Grave's Dust from Corail Tombstone (
    credit to Cofh Team as i only adapt the png)
    - skeleton/zombie can drop their skull [without charged creeper] (0.5% chance, can be disabled in config)
  • about config :
    - allow to put higher chance values for grave's soul & grave's dust (the value is the chance on 1000)
    - new option to allow to have a grave's key without the grave's access (enabled by default)

    - option for "scroll of recall's max uses" is replaced by "tablet's max uses"
    - option to "allow dimensional teleportation" is now applied to all magic items

    - client options to customize the tootip of magic items
  • about grave :
    - plate is not shown on grave is not inscribed (compatible with old saves)
    - anvil recipe to inscribe graves requires an iron ingot

    - grave can be harvested with shovel or pickaxe
    - dark marble block can be crafted (required in decorative grave recipes instead of stone)
    - change the tombstone texture to be seamless
  • sound compression (-40ko)
  • update the advancement tree to be a guide for all tombstone features (and remove announce to chat)
    This include lots of new advancements, some recipes will be visible sooner (to know what to do ;) ), and some loot tables are set to give rewards during the tutorial. (the free decorative grave is no more given but you receive nearly enough ingredients to build one)
  • "Tablet",  new kind of magic item with more than one use (instead of scroll with only one use)
    - "Tablet of Recall" (replace the "Scroll of Recall" - teleportation to the bounded place)

    - "Tablet of Assistance" (replace the "Ankh of Assistance" - teleportation to the engraved player name)

Changes 1.6.1 :

  • fix : the grave's souls couldn't be seen when the client config option "grave smoke" was set to false
  • fix : in multiplayer, the player could look in "ghost" by others players after the end of the effect

Changes 1.6.0 :

  • an engravable ankh with one use, allowing to teleport to a player (with mount & between dimensions)
    recipe : some gold nuggets and a glowstone dust
  • improve the grave's key model (+ display position)
  • server config option to restore beneficial effects after death (disabled by default) + blacklist for effects
  • server config option to log the grave position when a player die (disabled by default)
  • about languages : remove chinese, update german (Mr Riegel), add dutch (Robijn Vogel)
  • add some missing oredict names in some recipes

Changes 1.5.0 :

  • new item : Scroll of Knowledge, as a storage of xp [ recipe = paper + glowstone_dust ]
  • remove the config option "ingredient to upgrade the grave's key"
  • 2 new advancements

Changes 1.4.1 :

  • fix #10 (crash server from CustomModLoadingErrorDisplayException)

Changes 1.4.0 : 

  • The ghostly shape is a potion effect received after death (and configurable for duration) preventing monsters to attack you. The effect is directly removed if the player attacks a creature. For command, the effect name is tombstone:ghostly_shape.
  • new animations : smoother smoke, spinning grave's soul [video]
  • fix about chance of getting a grave's soul (the chance was higher in multiplayer)

Changes 1.3.9 :

  • support with euhdawson's gravestone (fix #8)

Changes 1.3.8 :

  • add a configurable range for placement of player's graves (default is 2)

Changes 1.3.7 :

  • adapt the grave/key recipes to look better in JEI & remove recipe groups [1.12+ only]

Changes 1.3.6 :

  • fix #7
  • use event registry [1.12+ only]

Changes 1.3.5 :

  • the player's grave aspires items around on spawn (config option to change the range)
  • the grave's key is removed before restoring items to player
  • others small changes

Changes 1.3.3 :

  • auto-equip shield & Baubles slots
  • fix ground collision
  • fix achievement about engravement [1.8.9,1.9.4]

Changes 1.3.1 :

  • first release of 1.3, should work fine on SP/MP (see the changelog of beta below)

Changes 1.3.0 : (beta because lots of changes to be tested but stable)

  • engrave names on decorative graves (with anvil and a stick in the ingredient slot)
  • show recipes in the crafting book as soon as you have the ingredients [1.12]
  • adapt the tooltip of the grave key to hide some informations when useless
  • enhance the config with new options : color for the different texts on graves(client side), chance to get a soul on grave (and remove server config options from config gui), handlePlayerDeath (or not)
  • add/fix some sounds (grave activation, teleport)
  • replace IInventory  with ItemStackHandler & adapt the code for the grave events of the future extension
  • perfect collisions with graves
  • add snow layer to replaceable blocks for tombstone spawn (but you need to delete first "whitelist_blocks" file in config folder)
  • reduce tombstone texture to 64px + custom ground texture
  • new advancements (about engrave & your favorite grave type) & table loot for a random decorative grave (used by advancements)
  • include NightKosh GraveStone API
  • allow the player to choose his grave model (client side config option, visible for all others players)
  • the decorative graves are now harvested by shovel and don't require silk touch anymore
  • change the decayTime config option to be in minutes
  • improve grave model => grow + plates

Changes 1.2.11 :

  • compatibility with Vanilla Spawn Protection (to be able to interact with tombstone in the starting protected area on dedicated server)

Changes 1.2.10 :

  • compatibility with FTB Utilities/GriefPrevention (place/interract event with tombstone)
  • compatibility with grave mods (override player's death)

Changes 1.2.9 :

  • compatibility with the mod "FTB Utilities" (be able to interract with the tombstone when it's on a claimed land)

Changes 1.2.8 :

  • crafting recipes in json format (except the upgrade of the grave's key)
  • advancements (tutorial part)

Changes 1.2.7 :

  • new config option to set the number of uses of Scroll of Recall
  • Update to last forge changes

Changes :

  • Update to last forge changes (registry)

Changes 1.2.6 :

  • First version for 1.12, with same changes as others versions
  • Achievements (old Advancements) are disabled for now
  • PVP hasn't been tested (need feedbacks)