Corail Tombstone 3.5.3 for 1.12.2


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    Jun 6, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.13.2
Minecraft Version = [1.12.2] - Forge Version []
Latest : 3.5.3 - Recommended : 3.5.3

Changes 3.5.3 :

  • removes the config option to activate the compat for Blood Magic (preventing the bug of this mod related to the sacrificial dagger), and instead apply it automatically if Blood Magic is present and doesn't have the fix (so any version before BloodMagic 2.4.1) + log on startup mentioning it
  • minimizes the nbt sent to client for the familiar receptacle (shareTag)
  • prevents the custom description of tombstone's enchantments to be searcheable in JEI
  • reduces permission level of server commands to 2
  • adapts the code related to translations (to be similar to 1.13)
  • separates the recipe unlocks from the normal advancements
  • reduces the cooldown to bound tablet of recall to decorative graves
  • updates the potion effects blacklisted by default

Changes 3.5.2 :

  • allows the command reviveFamiliar, when there're no backups, to fallback to revive a familiar from a receptacle in the player's inventory
  • disables by default the compatibilities with BloodMagic (preventing the bug of sacrificial dagger, as they finally published a fix) and with Aether legacy (auto-equip)
  • fix ankh interaction (#63)
  • display directly the plate on engraved decorative graves when placed
  • decorative graves require a ground for placement
  • the duration of the buff sometimes given by the prayer is scaled on the cooldown to pray again
  • the custom damage (related to lost tablets & receptacle) is reduced based on the level in knowledge of death (your total perk points)

Changes 3.5.1 :

  • fix the maxStackSize of crafting ingredients (#61)
  • the ankh can only be used in right hand, and prevent to pray with a receptacle in offhand if the condition doesn't fit
  • config for a blacklist of creatures not capturable in receptacle (+ event in api)

Changes 3.5.0 :

  • new item Familiar Receptacle allowing to capture the soul of a dead familiar (unlocked at lvl 10 in Knowledge of Death)
  • config to set the cooldown to pray with the ankh (#41)
  • lost tablets will absorb player life while waking up (dying from this damage makes you lose 10 knowledge points - perks are automatically adjusted)
  • config to set a lost of knowledge points when dying (default = 0)
  • new command TBReviveFamiliar to revive the last dead familiar of a player (limited to 5 saves, and the save is deleted after the command)
  • config option to allow to backup the dead familiars (allowing the command to revive them)
  • the ingredient for the crafting recipe for the enchanted key uses now the oredict "ingredientEnchantedGraveKey" instead of "enderpearl" (#54)
  • merge some items only used as crafting ingredient in the same item (dataFixer)

Changes 3.4.1 :

  • fix lost tablets can't wake up (since 3.3.4)
  • adapt the display in hand for grave's dust
  • only consider itemstack with a maxStackSize of 1 when auto-equiping (except for Techguns2)

Changes 3.4.0 :

  • add the compendium to provide infos ingame
  • always looks for an existing grave nearby when you die, even if the server has been restarted
    (was initially done to avoid griefing with graves)
  • always allow to open a grave if you're the owner even without key (was an oversight, and it will be a better alternative than breaking the grave in creative mode)
  • introduce an api to expose the perks, some events, the grave's key recipe (#54), the interfaces for player capability and to interact with decorative graves (provided on github)
  • minor changes on advancement (#55, #56)
  • lollipops can be eaten in creative mode
  • avoid to copy itemstacks when not necessary