Craft Of The Titans

       In Craft Of The Titans you assume the roll of a modern day Pioneer, sent to new lands to secure resources for your war trodden homeland.  This new land is brewing with danger, at the pinnacle of which are the Titans.  The Titans are boss creatures that rule over the many dimensions, including The Abyssal Wastelands, The Aether, and of course the Overworld, The Nether, and The End.

    In less RP terms, your goals in this pack are to become as powerful as the foes you face and bring down nearly 20 different challenging boss "Titans".  Every inch of the mods in this pack have been customized to blend together in a progressive and challenging way.  This IS a difficult modpack, but maybe not in the same was as you are used to.  In addition to resource heavy recipe changes, mobs have ruthless AI that scales as you continue through the story.  Experience Minecraft combat more explosive than ever.  We don't leave you empty handed though.  All of the weapons and armor have been rebalanced and buffed.  You can use Axes, Bows, Spells, Swords, and more... each are balanced to be as strong as the next.  Fight how YOU want to fight.

       Pressing the " ~ " tilde key will open the quest book with over 200+ unique quests.   A new class of "daily" quests open that will challenge your ability to automate and manufacture.  You can send large bulk Care Packages of goods and materials back home in exchange for powerful Titan Runes and materials.  Craft hard to get end game items, or use the Dire Crafting Table to assemble Creative weapons and tools.  There is always more to the story in Craft Of The Titans.


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You need at least 6GB of RAM to run this pack at it's smoothest. If you experience immediate frame stutter and FPS issues go to your options and change the MipMaps to zero.  Its a known bug.


Server Files Hosted on Google Docs v1.27

(Server Files should be much more reliable now, but I still offer them as bonus unofficial content.  My goal is to provide stable and working SSP files.  I do not have enough knowledge to troubleshoot issues with server compatibility)  


If a patch updates the Quest Book, make sure to run the command "/bq_admin default load" to reload the changes into your current world save.


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