Craftable Spawners

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Craftable Spawners

Craftable Spawners is a mod that allows you to obtain the Mob Spawners blocks in game and use them. The mod is fully SMP compatible and relies on Minecraft Forge.

How to obtain the spawners

There are 2 alternatives to obtain the spawners. Either use the creative inventory to find ALL the spawners under the "misc" category, or use the recipse guide below





( M being moss stone, R iron ingot)

The middle "X" determines spawner type.

Animals & passive
  • Raw Porkchop - pig
  • Raw Beef - cow
  • Raw Chicken - chicken
  • Wool - sheep
  • Mushroom - mooshroom cow
  • Bone - wolf
  • Ink Sack - squid
  • Slimeball - slime
  • Milk bucket - ocelot (its a cat, right?)
  • Wooden hoe - villager (only one type)
  • Snowball - snowman
  • Iron cube - iron golem
  • Stone - Bat
  • Arrow - Skeleton
  • Spider Eye - Spider
  • String - Cave spider
  • Rotten Flesh - Zombie
  • Gunpowder - Creeper
  • Diamond - Ender Dragon (works only in Ender, or doesn't work at all)
  • Ender Pearl - Enderman
  • Raw Fish - Silver Fish
  • Glass Bottle - Witch
  • Nether mobs
  • Gold Nugget - Zombie Pigman
  • Blaze Rod - Blaze
  • Ghast Tear - Ghast
  • Magma Cream - Magma Cube
  • Nether star - Wither
Alternate recipe:
  • Monster Spawner block (pig spawner) + mob's specific item For example, take the monster spawner, and craft it with string, and you get the spider spawner.
  • The block can be obtained using inv editing, or my Minable Spawners mod.

Spawn conditions

  • Monsters need darkness (including BLAZE)
  • Animals need grass.
  • Spawned sheep will have random fur, and this cannot be changed.
  • Villagers will have the default brown clothes
  • Squids need water.
  • Slimes need depth and their special chunks.

Good to know

  • Spawner block was not changed, all other spawner mods will still work.
  • Maps built with this mod don't require it.
  • Built spawners are legit, no new contents was added.
  • What you craft is Spawner Builder item, which can build the real spawners.
  • The skeleton spawner spawns Wither Skeletons in the nether.

This mod requires Minecraft Forge. Place this zip file into .minecraft/mods.

Anyone is free to make new textures for the mod. I'll feature the best ones!


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