Croparia v2


  • This Mod adds crops for cultivation and armor made by fire, air, water, earth and even obsidian too.


  • Latest version : 2.1 Minecraft 1.12.2


  • /!\ 2.1 doesn't have all the stuff of Croparia 1.8, I have an other view of the mod and it's incompatible with the nowadays way of the mod works. In the following spoiler, you can find the differences between 1.8 and 2.0 

    Differences between 1.18 and 2.0 :

    -No Elemental Golems

    -No Stems

    -No Canes



  • Please take a look at JEI to know how to craft the items in my mod.


  • I recommend you to use GuideAPI to have access to a Guide Book, it will help you a lot !


  • It adds about 82 New Crops ! (Like Carrot)











-Prismarine Shard

-Prismarine Cristal






-Firework Charge

-Nether Bricks


-Rabbit's Foot

-Rabbit's Hide



-Ender Pearl


-Spider eye


-Blaze rod

-Magma Cream

-Ghast Tear

-Shulker Shell


-Nether Star



-All Dye

-Tall Grass



-Double Tall Grass

-Large Fern



-Oak Sapling

-Spruce Sapling

-Birch Sapling

-Jungle Sapling

-Acacia Sapling

-Dark Oak Sapling


-Golden Apple







-Raw Salmon

-Raw Fish

-Raw Mutton

-Raw Chicken

-Raw Porc

-Raw Beef

-Raw Rabbit




-Bottle o'enchanting

  • It adds about 45 Compatibility Crops too !
























-Wooden Gear

-Stone Gear

-Iron Gear

-Golden Gear

-Diamond Gear















-Draconium Awakened


-Gaia Spirit


  •  You can also configurate a lot of thing now just go to : .minecraft/config/Croparia/Croparia.cfg


Go to : to have latest versions


  • Latest version :

-v2.1 for Minecraft 1.12.2


-v1.16.3 for Minecraft 1.12 and 1.12.1 (Dead)


-v1.14.3 for Minecraft 1.11 and 1.11.2 (Dead)


Known bugs:

-Defacto's fruit give clay ball and clay fruit give nothing

-No Penguin in Water Dimension (2.0.X)

-No Water Gem Ore in Water Dimension (2.0.X)

-Mod doesn't work on Server (2.0)

 Thank to :

-Forestbat121 for his help on GitHub
-MrCrayfish for the Model Creator and his modding tutorial (Tuto in English)

-Checconio84 for his modding tutorial (Tuto in French)

-Fu_Yang for Chinese Translation



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