Crystalline is an open source Minecraft mod that adds crystals that give you special powers. But caution: if you use the crystals too much, you may want to question your sanity.

This is not “yet-another-annoying-crystal-mod-created-using-MCreator” (I've seen a lot of those, trust me! And I used to make those when I was a noob programmer)

This was inspired by mods like Blood Magic, Thaumcraft, Psi, and various other magic mods.

Planned Features:

  • The crystals in this mod can grant you powerful abilities (In the mod!)
  • Insanity from overuse of crystals in this mod can change how you play the game  (In the mod!)
  • Mysterious books containing runes and glyphs may appear in your world (Future)
  • Magical reagents can help you create artificial crystals with different abilities (Future)

Currently, this mod supports Minecraft 1.12.2 and may support versions above that in the future.

This mod is in beta. It is, in turn, very buggy. If you find a bug, please report it here.


If you like this mod or any of my other work, please donate on Patreon.

"Short" instructional video by me:


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