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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


- possible lag fix for @MetalX5
- error spam fix for @J U S T
- nbt editing book item added
- possible scene fix for @Julio_Gamer
- knockback forge event for @Bluexin ♥
- delete playerdata crash fix for @Xhatz
- Scripting keyPressed 'bug' fix
- crash fix with Consecration mod for @Saynistre
- possible fix for scala crash for @zombsta123
- New Edit Quest GUI
- New Quest Type: Manual
- New Command /noppes quest objective <player> <quest> [objective] [value] (used to get or set objectives for the manual type and others)
- Pixelmon animation fix
- Added slim(Alex) npc model thanks to @fril
- Bug fixes
- New Edit Dialog GUI
- NPCs can now be set to 0 health
- NPCs can be made into a statue, which basically removes the hitbox
- Select Sound/Dialog/Quest GUIs rewrite
- Quest localization title fix for @Talonos
- Fixed Edit Quest close bug
- Updated Quest log GUI
- Dialog/Quest edit save issue fix
- fixed Item Quests and Quest reward screens
- bard background music fix for @Xombiekilla
- puppet reset movement on animation cancel for @edwardg
- dialog/quest edit double click crash fix for @粘兽
- .minecraft/customnpcs/assets music fix fox @GreatOrator
- fixed dialog option commands not working
- some more puppet tweaks for more consistent animation cycles
- item hover popup fix
- gui crash fixes for @LordPhrozen
- trader exploid fix
- trader exploit fix #2
- scripting block text fix
- eye no clouds fix

All scripting/Api changes can be found here