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    Aug 14, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2
  • 1.10

Supported Minecraft 1.9 Versions

  • 1.9.4

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8




+ Hudlink power display now flickers under 5%, turns red under 20%

! Fixed Tesla API modid, fixing a crash. If you get a crash with this version of the mod, you're using an outdated Tesla API.

! Fixed bonelacing hearts not appearing after changing dimension.

! Fixed defibrillator not dropping from zombies




! Fixed function of the Charger - should now no longer "ghost charge" on the client, leading to presumed issues when changing dimensions or relogging

! Fixed losing all augments when you travel through the End return portal




! Fixed a bug related to usage of the Tesla API

! Fixed a crash with heart upgrades




+ The Robosurgeon GUI has experienced several additions

     + When clicking a slot would remove or add a piece of Cyberware, this is now indicated via tooltip

     + An index page was added to the Robosurgeon including a full list of Cyberware installed and a list of changes made

+ Cyberlegs now replace the fall damage noise with a satisfying clank

~ Missing eyes and unpowered Cybereyes now don't blind players in Creative mode

~ The Neural Contextualizer now will not switch from swords

! The Creative Capacitor now actually acts as a producer in terms of GUI warnings

! Cyberarms now render correctly with the thinner (Alex) player model

! Cyberzombies no longer spawn in the Nether




! The Creative Capacitor now acts as a producer in terms of GUI warnings

! Cyberware resetting now functions correctly

! Fixed hitbox for no-legged players




+ Added the /clearcyberware command for server ops to clear a user's ware

+ Added a config option for a player's Essence cap and critical Essence level

+ Added a warning when a player has no installed power generation but has power-consuming ware

~ Changed behavior of the Surgery Chamber to better stop players from doing things they don't want to




! Fixed a bug that prevented players from accessing the skin/muscle/bone cross cut




+ Added a back button to the Surgery GUI

! Fixed a bug with the Surgery Chamber renderer that could cause a crash




! Fixed a Cyberzombie performance issue




! Fixed two crashes related to Cyberzombies




! Fixed a crash related to the Robosurgeon on dedicated servers.




! Fixed Surgery Chambers dropping an Apple instead of a Surgery Chamber. Oops!