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    Nov 25, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


  •  Randomizer can no longer move unbreakable blocks (such as bedrock).
  • Catch and handle errors from 3rd party recipes when autocrafter is scanning recipe list, to prevent game crashes.
  • Added a config control to disable GPS Marker by josephcsible .
  • Updated zh_CN.lang by mcBegins2Snow.
  • Fixed the sprinkler sometimes grown crops client-side-only by fuami.
  • Nether and End ores now have extra ore dictionary entries added on top of usual, for example both 'oreCobalt' and new 'oreEndCobalt', added by josephcsible .
  • The /nbtprint command now also prints any ore dict entries for the held item.
  • Quickdraw enchant now works in offhand.
  • Multi-shot enchant: rebalanced damage of extra arrows with main based on charge.
  • Dehydrator fixed some recipes not processing such as saplings.
  • Dehydrator now stops consuming power if it has no recipe to work on.
  • Harvesting three tall crops now breaks the top block safely (Simple Corn).
  • Heart containers checking against config limit improved for compatibility.
  • Added Swim Speed II potion effect.
  • Machines and cables now compute energy serverside only, which is an optimization and fixes issues with some cables (such as Leadstone circuits).
  • Anvils no longer deal damage when you run into them at head height and all have the anvil sound.
    ** release dedicated to Kashdeya **