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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


  • New Blocks: Tempered Glass, Fluid Collector, Sensor Display, Fluid Transfer Node .
  • Fluid Tank show fills indicator on item stack.
  • Fluid Tanks also have itemstack fluid capability support (improved compatibility with most machines and inventories).
  • Ender Library Controller can now be automated, piping enchanted books into it will distribute enchantments to nearby shelves (you must pump out the empty books so it wont get stuck).
  • Added Sandstone Sword.
  • New assets by Ithronyar: Biomass, Scaffolding model and sounds, Crystallized Obsidian equipment, Crystal gear, Sandstone gear, new 3D models for some of the scepters, and MORE.
  • Transfer Node has been tweaked to be an Item Transfer node; Fluid Transfer Node created as a new item.
  • Updated item model for wireless nodes.
  • Fixed a bug where export cables messed up the flow for next door blocks.
  • Extraction cables now default to Always On redstone setting.
  • Dehydrator no longer accepts lava, produces water during the recipe, water must be drained to coninue, default recipe timings changed, water generated is part of zenscript recipe call as well.
  • Potion Recipes: Ender and Snow potions are now base types for some of the advanced potions.
  • Fixed an issue when Boomerang super slowly.
  • Added JEI info tab for custom potions.
  • Packager merges similar stacks to avoid getting stuck crafting.
  • Sword models reverted to earlier version.
  • Keyboard control on all/most numeric sliders on machines.
  • Digital Typewriter redesigned and remade as Text Projector.
  • Hydrator recipe matching checks the size to avoid overlap.
  • Fixed heart container config causing player to loose certain unlocks on death.
  • Fixed fluid placer using reversed logic when vertical.
  • A few other minor unreported bugs