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As a part of the Dark Roleplay mod group, Dark Roleplay Medieval's aim is to create an awesome RPG experience. Even though it's not even close to be done it already contains a bunch of new things.

At this moment (17.08.2017) it adds:

  • 50+ Decorative Blocks
  • 13+ Building Blocks
  • 11 Crafting Stations
  • 20 new Foods
  • new Equipment such as handheld telescopes
  • and a bunch of new items used as Crafting Ingredients

And much more to come!


Want to contact us? Maybe to suggest something or just to have a small talk?



(Donations are used for the mod, we just didn't make a custom image yet)


How to Install?

1. Get and install Forge

2. Download and Install Dark Roleplay Core (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/dark-roleplay-core)

3. Download this mod

4. Put the Dark Roleplay (Core & Medieval) jar into .minecraft/mods/ folder



Helpz I can't craft!11!!!11!
A1: You can open a Crafting GUI by pressing 'C' (by default)
A2: If A1 doesn't work for you, then rename the mod jar to not contain any plusses (+) or download the recipe fix file and put it into your mod folder.


Can I use this Mod in a Modpack?
A: Yes you can, but try to make it as an Curse Modpack when its possible.

When will you update it?
A: As often as I can, but I wan't to add more than 10 things in each update (Bug fix versions could be released earlier)

Can I send you suggestions for the Mod?
A: Yes using Discord: https://discord.gg/r2HtqKw

Can we support you?
A: Of course just share this Mod with your friends and only download it from Curse ^^

Can you backport to 1.7.10?
A: NO, JUST NO. And please please stop asking me for this!


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