I made this mod so I don't have to copy the same bits of code in every mod I make (and also there are things that make the process of creating mods easier for me).


This is NOT meant to be used as an API, but if you want to use it, I'll upload the deobf version (just make sure to credit me).


Mod(s) using this utility mod :

    ° Concrete mod (by me)

    ° MiscStuff (also by me)


Also, since v1.1, you can use "Bukkit" chat codes (see here) with a special one: "&u", when placed in front of the message, will not put the username (it won't do anything if placed anywhere else).






 If you are going to ask for permissions, read this:


You can use any of my mods (even if they don't require this Util mod) freely in your pack, public or private. I'm not gonna get mad because people enjoy my content.


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