DECOCRAFT 2 Complete Overhaul!!


The new Decocraft has had a makeover! Thanks to ProfMobius and Taelnia's amazing coding skills. 





Q: OMG it crashes! asdgfnjafdj!

A:I need to see your crash report, "It crashes" is not helping, nor is you raging all over my comment section. If you don't post your crash report I cannot help you and will ignore you.


Q: When I look at the object it turns black!

A:Go to the PTRModelLib.cfg and set block outlines to FALSE


Q: My game takes forever to load and/or crashes!

A:Please check if you are using forge 1403 or HIGHER! And allocate 2GB RAM to your Minecraft!


Q: Why did you skip 1.8 I need 1.8 not 1.8.9?!

A:I am not going to do any backporting. 1.8.9 is the stable version of 1.8, that is it.


Q: Can I use Decocraft in my Mod Pack?! 



Q: My game crashed... here is my crash log..! (WALL OF TEXT)

A:PLEASE DO NOT NOT NOT Paste your crash log in my comment section as is. Put it in and send me the link. If you post a wall of text I will just delete it. This is BASIC posting etiquette. 


Q: I used WORLD EDIT and my awesome map is ruined! This is all YOUR fault Razz!

A:No. Just no. World Edit does weird stuff and does not save the models data properly, any actions done with world edit on a chunk will reset all data to 0 (annoying but I don't know if I can't fix it) MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU USE WORLD EDIT. I won't be held responsible, this is why backups are a thing. 


It is completely backward compatible, but backup your world just in case!


    • Doesn't let you place the block? SHIFT place it, it should now allow you to place it! 
    • We have new hit box system! Models will no longer disappear and reappear! To activate the proper rendering box, punch box and placement prevention inside the model, all models need to be broken and replaced.
    • Models will no longer delete blocks next to, or below them!
    • Decoclay can still be used inside the decobench. Basic crafting materials are now clay, red/green/blue dyes and the decobench.
        • Decobench and Decowand Recipes:



  • The scale of the models in the inventory can be weird at time. This is none critical and will be solved in a future release

Have you ever wanted to add objects into minecraft for decoration, or wanted to make a cinematic, but found your Set lacking??

Well this mod changes that… I started it for a role playing server, after coming on the forums and finding no one really added things into minecraft just for the sake of having a few decorations, and a lot of people asking questions like:

“How do I add my Techne model into minecraft?”

So I put this fun little mod together…. I have been coding, making models and texturing every single block… it has been a slow process, but I am very happy with the way it has evolved.


Tell me your suggestions!!!! I will try to add them as soon as I can!!!


Want to help with translations for this mod? Submit your translations here!

<------- Click Here to make your suggestions!!!!


If you like my work and would like to help me out, please consider supporting me on Patreon. I would really appreciate it, and I could REALLY use the help.






  • Working Lighting
  • Working Chairs
  • Working Beds
  • Sounds


Send me your suggestions on twitter, minecraft forums or planet minecraft. I might not add everything, but ideas are always welcome and help me know what my users want!


Twitter: @RazzleberryFox


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