Deconstruction Table

Please--- PLEASE report any bugs to If something doesn't work, report it. If something seems strange, report it. If you are using v2.3.0+ (1.8+) then upload the DeconLog.txt in your minecraft directory.

This mod adds a new kind of Crafting Table to minecraft, but not just any table... A table that is able to "undo" the work of a regular Crafting table!

For a template bug report if you are not sure what to include:

What exactly happened?
If the game crashed, what exactly were you doing?
Any screenshots? (if so, please attatch them)
Any crash reports? (if so, please attatch them, or link them with pastebin)
What version were you using?
Any other details I should know?

My Requests:
-bug reports
-a banner (or banners)
-a logo for the mod
If you are interested in translating:
Message me including the language you would like to translate to, and i will respond with a template.
then, send it to me, and it should be included in the next update



:Iron: :Diamond: :Iron:
:wood: :Bench: :wood:
:wood: :wood: :wood:


1) Download and Install forge
2) Open the mods folder in .minecraft
3) Place [MC X.X.X]Deconstruction[vX.X.X].jar into the mods folder
4) Launch Minecraft
5) ???
6) Profit!!!


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