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Supported Minecraft 1.11 Versions

  • 1.11.2


v1.11.2-1.0 New Features:


* Bonus Chests: You can now enable bonus chests by default, in addition to locking the bonus chest button. Configure this with the "Bonus Chest State" in the mod config gui or the config file.  (bonus chests will default on the server side as well


* DefaultWorldData: this is a directory in the root of your game directory, any files in here will be injected into the world save when a new world is created, (or the first time a world is loaded after a DefaultWorldData is created)


This is intended to inject loot_tables, and vanilla structures into a world on creation,  After the files are injected once the system will not re-inject thus pack players can still customize the loot tables further.  (other world save files may also be inject-able but generally such is not supported.)


Example the file "DefaultWorldData/data/loot_tables/minecraft/entities/endermite.json" will define a new endermite loot table that will be injected into any new worlds generated.