User Guide: v1.9.4-0.4 to v1.11.2-1.0


This User Guide is for both the 1.9.*, 1.10.*, and 1.11.* versions of Default World Generator

Getting Started


The easiest way to configure Default World Generator is as follows:


1) Launch Minecraft

2) On the title screen click on mods

3) Select Default World Generator in the list

4) Click on configure


Here you can set a few items:


1) Seed: This presets a seed for the user (although they can still edit it when you lock the world type)

2) World Generator: When you press this button you will be given a list of world types to choose from

3) CustomizationJson: This will open the worlds customization screen if one is available

4) Lock World Type: This will allow you to lock the world type and customization so they cannot be edited


Newer 1.11 versions also have:

5) Bonus Chest lets you choose how the bonus chest button is shown, (enabled/disabled/and if the bonus is forced or not)


6) Default World Data: allows you to explicitly prevent copying data into a newly created world (by default this is enabled)


Default World Data (1.11.2-1.0 version only)


This new feature allows you to have a set of files copied into a world save when the world is first generated.  The primary intent is to inject loot tables and possibly structure blocks.


Note once the world is generated (or the first time the 1.11.2-1.0 version is ran) files will not be auto copied or updated in the world even if the copies in the pack change.


To use this feature you need to both:

- Leave it enabled in settings

- put files in the "DefaultWorldData" directory at the top of the pack (not inside config)


Example you would add a file: DefaultWorldData/data/loot_tables/minecraft/entities/endermite.json to change the endermite loot table.  Say to sometimes return an enderpearl



Advanced Configuration


These versions retain the text config file, that can be directly edited rather than using the recommended in gui config.  The samples are similar to those in the 1.8.9 version. (see:User Guide: v1.8.9-0.3)