A quick note:

This mod was made in 96 hours over the Easter weekend in 2018 for ModJam 5. As a result it may have a few bugs, so be warned!

What does this mod do?

Demonology focuses on the darker side of magic, using the powers originating from the Demonic Realm. These come with a price however, as will become clear when you begin infusing items with this energy. Wraiths may spawn, injuries may be gained...

Demonic Altar

This is the basic method of crafting. Place objects into the altar through right clicking, and when they are all added, right click with an empty hand. (If not a valid recipe it will drop the items on the ground)

Soul Flask - 3 Stone + 3 Glass

This collects any souls that are released if it is in your inventory.

Reapers Knife - 2 iron + 1 stick + 1 stone

This increases the chance for a soul to spawn from 10% to 25%.

Demonic Rod - 2 Stone

Pulsating Wand - 3 demonic rods + 1 evil eye + 2 diamonds

Ritual Stone

Summon Eye - Ritual Stone surrounded by 4 diamond blocks

When you kill the eye it will drop an Evil Eye, which can be used to make a powerful weapon to channel demonic energy - the Pulsating Wand.


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