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 Whats is Dev tools ?

Dev tools is a little mod that adds a few helpful Items  to your Minecraft development environment.

An example of this its the Hunger modifier sneak right click to remove food and right click to add food, this is use for for developers who are making mods that add food to the game since it allows testing of the food item (without having to run around till your hunger drops enough),


So why not just use commands ? 

Good question but I think Items are nicer, 


So What exactly does it add?

Hunger Modifier:

This handy item (as mentioned above) can be used to increase of decrease hunger points by full drumsticks (2 points), 


Sneak right click to remove hunger points and right click to add them.



Health Modifier:


Same idea as the food modifier except it does hearts,


Sneak right click to remove a heart and right click to add hearts. 


useful for testing Items that hurt or heal with out having to wait to take damage.


Time Modifier:


Changes time from day to night with out the use of commands.


Sneak right click for night and right click for day.


Time Lock :


this item has the ability to stop time to use it simple keep the item in your inventory,

when you want time to resume simply delete the item.




 This mod is opensource however I have a few restrictions as stated in the licence:-

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit


 The best way to contribute would be to use pull requests on github and I'll check the changes and add them.

Source code:


Obfuscated version for use OUTSIDE of a development environment: HERE

De-Obfuscated version for use INSIDE a development environment: HERE


 I doubt many people will use this mod but I hope some people might find it useful, it might also be useful to mapmakers and I hope to add more features to help them out, THIS MOD IS COMPLETELY USELESS IN ACTUAL GAME PLAY.


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