Dimensional Doors.

Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the Curse network.

Configs and saves:
This mod is experimental, because we are still working on getting the config file- and save file format right. Therefore, we also advise you to delete your Dimdoors configs and start a new world after you've updated the mod.

This mod is a Minecraft 1.12+ port of the Dimensional Doors mod originally created and maintained up to Minecraft 1.6.4 by Stevenrs11.
This mod adds several types of "Dimensional" Doors that allow access to teleportation and extra-dimensional pocket dungeons that can vary from hallways to mazes to treasure rooms to straight up traps.

Have fun exploring, but be wary of death or falling into the void as you do not want to end up and perish away in the mysterious and nihilistic Limbo dimension!

List of features:

  • 4 new dimensions:
    The Personal Pocket dimension, Public Pocket dimension, Dungeon Pocket Dimension and Limbo.
  • 1 entity:
    The Monolith, a being mostly consisting of an ever-watching eye that seems to originate from Limbo.
  • "Dungeon Pockets"
    These are small restricted spaces that can be generated by entering a Transient Portal in the Overworld, an Iron Dimensional Door from a different Dungeon Pocket, or a Golden Dimensional Door.
    These Dungeon Pockets can contain anything from hallways with other doors to treasure rooms.
    Custom Dungeon pockets can be added to the mod and if they are good enough, we can include them in the mod itself.
  • Personal- and Public pockets
    These are like Dungeon Pockets except completely empty and each player can have one Personal Pocket that only they can enter.
  • Teleportation
    All types of "Rifts" allow players to teleport from one location to the other. How they function exactly, depends on the "destination" of Rift.
  • 2 new "normal" doors
    Golden and Nether Quartz doors
  • 5 types of "dimensional doors" (Rifts)
    Iron, Golden and Personal Dimensional Doors and Chaos and Warp Doors.
  • Other Rifts
    Rift Scars, Transient Doors and Transdimensional Trapdoors.
  • 5 Full Blocks
    Fabric of Reality, Altered Fabric, Ancient Fabric, Unraveled Fabric and Eternal Fabric.
  • Several items that let you manipulate Rifts or are used as crafting components for the Doors and Tools themselves
    The Rift Blade allows you to enter Rift Scars.
    The Rift Signature allows you to set up your own custom Rift connections.
  • World generation
    Small structures containing Transient Doors are added to the Overworld generation.
  • Commands
    To force generate specific Dungeon Pockets and teleport the player to them.
  • High configurability
    Maximum Pocket sizes, whether Monoliths are dangerous or not, which Dungeon Pockets have the highest chances to get generated, etc.

Coming soon:

  • Better balancing of Dungeon generation chances.
  • A way back from Limbo.

For more information, join our Discord Server or take a look at the Minecraft forums.
Our public testing server can be found at mc.dimdev.org


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