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Hello there! We are happy to announce DnD 2.0.0 is only a couple of days away from release(about 7 days)! This update will COMPLETLY change the datapack! This update will also transition the datapack from 1.13 to 1.14! We will be posting daily updates over on the DnD Discord server as the days pass by leading up to the release! We hope to see you there!


About Dinos & Dodos

  Dinos and Dodos is a data pack that adds extinct, endangered, and prehistoric animals and plants into your game that you can create through the use of genetics! All it requires is 1 Datapack and a Recourse pack! The future of the data pack is planned to add, 61 Dinosaurs, 27 Cenozoic Animals, 30 Aquatic Animals, 12 Hybrids, and 9 Paleozoic animals! Along with 8 new (small) naturally spawning mobs!

  The Datapack is meant to be updated about every 2 weeks with anywhere from a small simple bug fixing update to a large expansive update that adds a lot of stuff! But please keep in mind, development takes a while and we can't make stuff in the snap of a finger!


  Current update plans for the pack:

2.0.0+ will be the "Ancient World Update" which will last until all of the 61+ Dinosaurs are added! Along with this some Cenozoic Animals will be thrown in here and there, along with Hybrids! 

3.0.0+ will be the "Tropicana Update" which will last until all of the planned plants are added! This will also add in some Cenozoic, Aquatic, and Paleozoic animals!

4.0.0+ will be the "Ice Age Update" which will last until all of the planned Cenozoic creatures are added! This will also finish off any of the remaining Paleozoic and Aquatic Creatures that may be left to finish!



Q & A

Q: Any forms of media that I can follow the datapack on?

A: I have a twitter and discord both of which are small, but I recommend you still go check them out!


Q: Is there any way I can watch you work on the datapack?

A: I have a twitch channel which can be found here, I don't stream on it too often, but I plan on getting back to streaming!


Q: So how do I install it?

A: at the top of this page is a download button, just click it and a .zip folder should be downloaded unzipping it and opening it, you should find that it will have a file in it called README, just read it, it has all the instructions to install the datapack!


Q: If I want to donate where should I go?

A: I don't know why you want to donate, but I have a patreon you can look at!


Q: Is it multiplayer compatible?
A: In the full release updates it is completely multiplayer compatible, enjoy!!!


How to Bring back your Extinct Animals & Plants 101

Recipes, without them you cant make these masterfull dinosaurs! So, either you can go to the wiki
Or just stay here and look at the recipes below!

Please Note: All recipes are fixed and cannot be moved around in any way, this may eventually be changed, but for the time being it is there to stop mass lag, and if there is anything else in a crafter when you make something those items will be wiped!

So first things first, you're going to need a D&D Crafter short for Dinos & Dodos Crafter, not to be confused with Dungeons & Dragons Crafter!

It can be made as follows, just place a dispenser facing up, and then put an armor stand on top of it!

Dinos & Dodos Crafter

Next, you're going to need a Sifter to sift through all those precious Bone Blocks, and Blue Ice Blocks!

Just put this recipe into the D&D Crafter as follows!

Sifter Recipe

Using the Sifter you can now place it and then by putting a Bone Block, Blue Ice Block, or Plant Fossil into the center of the Sifter's crafting grid will sift the block and give you a random block out of the current loot pool!

Loot Pool:
Bone Blocks give you, 
Dinosaur Bones 26% of the time, Plant Fossils 6% of the time, and Junk Items like Sand, Stone, Bone, Gold nuggets and more, 68% of the time.

Plant fossils give you, Junk Items, 66% of the time, Fossilized Saplings 17% of the time, and Fossilized Seeds 17% of the time

Blue Ice gives you, Frozen Meat: 100% of the time

Now that you should have some Dinosaur bones, Frozen meat, and Fossilized Seeds/Saplings now you're going to have to turn these into DNA! But in order to do that your gonna need a DNA Extractor! Follow as bellow to craft the DNA Extractor, it must be crafted in the D&D Crafter in order to be crafted! Now

DNA Extractor

Now that you have turned all your precious Fossilized and Frozen objects into DNA you're going to need to turn this DNA into Embryos. Depending on the type of DNA you have there are multiple ways to do this, if you have a Reptilian DNA or Gray you will need chicken eggs and milk. If you have Mammalian DNA or Light Blue DNA you will need a needle. and if you have plant DNA or Lime, you will need wheat seeds and water! But if you even want to turn any of these into Embryos, you're going to need to first make the Culture Vat

The Culture Vat can be crafted in the D&D Crafter as follows!

Culture Vat

Now using this Culture Vat there are a few things you can do!

You can make Reptilian Embryo as follows:

Reptilian Embryo

And you can make plants as follows:


But, what about mammals? Well, they are a bit different, in order to make a mammalian embryo you're going to need a needle, which can be crafted in the D&D Crafter as follows:


And then you can proceed to put the Mammalian DNA into your needle! as follows:

Mammalian Embryo

After going through this whole process you should now have an Embryonic Needle, a Reptilian Embryo, an Empty Egg, and a Sapling/Seed of a plant. You have now hit 1 dead end, your plant needs no more development and is now finished if you have a special sapling like a Dragon Blood Sapling, just throw it on the ground and the tree will grow in front of your eyes! Otherwise, we still have some work to do on that Reptilian Embryo and that Embryonic Needle!

Let's start with finishing off your Embryonic Needle! When you hover over your needle you should see some text in purple, it will read different things. For example, the Embryonic Needle with a Dodo in it reads this:

Dodo Needle

This is decently easy to understand, the needle has the Embryo of a Dodo in it. But what does the "Injectable" and "Animal Needed to Carry Baby" mean? well, the Injectable states whether or not the Embryo inside is able to be put into the Carrier, for this example it is True, you will never find that statement to be False unless your needle is empty! and the "Animal Needed to Carry Baby" just states which animal must be used to carry the baby, for this example its a Chicken! So, just walk up to a chicken with this needle and right click, the needle will be taken out of your inventory and the animal carrying the baby will begin to glow! After the mother has birthed her baby she will stop glowing and you will then have your new baby Mammalian walking around!

Now we are going to finish that Reptilian Embryo and turn it into a Reptilian egg!

Using that Reptilian Embryo you got earlier and the Empty egg, your gonna need another bucket of milk and then place those items in the Culture Vat as Follows:

Dinosaur Egg

Now that you have your Unincubated egg you're going to need to incubate it! To do this your gonna need an Incubator which can be crafted in the D&D Crafter as follows:


And now just place your Reptilian egg into the center of the Incubator and wait anywhere from 30 Seconds to 5 Mins for the egg to incubate, currently there is no way of telling if the egg is incubating, but if its in there for more than 5 mins and isn't incubating, than you know that the dinosaur hasn't been added yet!

In FR V 1.0.0+ there are hybrids! They are made just like any other dinosaur but have one special twist. You need to use the DNA Combinator to make there DNA!

You can make the DNA Combinator like this in the DND crafter:


After making the DNA Combinator all you have to do is make a Hybrid DNA like the following shows, keep in mind the gray dyes are normal Dinosaur DNA:

This should give you a hybrid purple DNA and then you can proceed to use it as a normal DNA!

Making Machinery 101

"What? Machinery! I thought this data pack was all about dinosaurs!!!" Is probably what your thinking right now, but don't worry! The machinery is optional and only here to help you make your dinosaurs faster!

First, you're going to need a Machine Crafter which can be crafted in the D&D Crafter as follows:

Machine Crafter

Now that you have your Machine Crafter you can make a few more things! To make a lot of things your first going to need yourself some good old Compact Iron! Which can be crafted as follows inside of the Machine Crafter:

Compact Iron

Now that you have some compact iron you can craft yourself some Empty Battery Capsules! which are crafted as follows inside of the Machine Crafter using your Compact Iron:

Empty Battery Capsule

Now You can fill that Empty Battery Capsule to make a Full Battery Capsule! Make a Full Battery Capsule in the Machine Crafter as follows:

Full Battery Capsule

And now using your Full Batter Capsule you're going to need to make a Battery! Batteries can be made as follows inside of a Machine Crafter:



And now using your Batteries you can begin crafting machinery, Machinery is both crafted using Batteries and must be powered by batteries otherwise they will shut down! Machinery can be powered by placing a Battery into the first slot of their Battery Dispensaries, putting a book into the center of a machines Battery Dispensary will also tell you how much power it has in it! Here is a list of all the machines and how to craft them:

- Bone Quarry:

Bone Quarry if powered will generate Bone Blocks and other misc items. A Bone Quarry can be powered for 5 minutes with a singular battery and can be powered for up to 5.3 hours with a stack of batteries. Right-clicking the bottom of a Bone Quarry will open its Battery Dispensary, right-clicking the middle will open up its storage area, and right-clicking the top will open its recourse collecting area. Putting anything into any of these areas will not affect the machine at all. To destroy a Machine Crafter all you have to do is break the block under it, or one of the 3 parts of the machine. When you destroy it please keep in mind you will lose everything inside of it and you will be lost any power it had in it!
Bone Quarrry

 Archaeology Classes 101

"God damn it! I thought you said this datapack is about dinosaurs!" you may be thinking again, NOPE! Dinos & Dodos also adds some archaeology aspects into your game!
First, you're going to need to make an Archaeology Workbench in the DND Crafter! the Archaeology Workbench can be crafted as follows:

Once you have the Archaeology Workbench you are going to need to make a Bone Sifter which can be found out how to craft in the Making Machinery section of this page. Using the Pottery Shards you get from the Archaeology Workbench you can make a Pottery Blueprint as follows:

After you get your Pottery Blueprint using it and clay balls you can make the pottery itself, place the Pottery blueprint in the center and then surround it with clay balls, as follows:

Then you should get your pottery and be able to place it!!! if you wish to move or destroy your pottery you can break the block underneath it and it will fall to the ground!!!


- DnD Developers

  • Ragnorak (Ragnorak) [Lead Developer]
  • Mr. Birdasaur (mr_balderdash) [Sound Artist, Lead Manager]
  • iNkoR_the_2nd (inkorthe2nd) [Artist]
  • TheNuclearNexus (the_nuclear_nexus) [Coder]
  • JordenEatsCereals (GoldenHero9555) [Coder, Artist]
  • Sebsa (Seba244c) [Coder]


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