Disharmony mod

Well this is the details that I can give you about this mod 

Now I made everything on this Minecraft version does it make everything in a different way and what I mean is that here mod not in harmony but evill way of corrupted or you can call it disharmony so every version that made in this mod well be harder 
Now made 7 biomes 
dimonsion 1 
 fuse ores
and armor in fuse 
And ores with tool too made 
 ores blocks fix
And mods like in the list in mcreator 
 boss  list
  1. silent hill monster 
  2. hp 200  8 hurt  poison and wider  effect
  3. blood moster boss  
  4. hp 300 10 hurt  
Names are in this list 
Demon player
Demon king 
Mythical spider
No face creeper
Evil eye crystal 
Player dead ( zombie)
Madness creeper
Glitch spider
Glitch king 
flash skeleton
stick man 
red stick man
green stick man 
ghost player  
new npc  ( I dont know what name him )
nothing hurt list 
dark flame 
But there well be more than you think in this if like to more in mod details I can better do with a video 
 new gam that can craft it back like if stick to turn wood you can by use get back gem same in armor  but if want help how to do it i well making video if want to how it works 
And sorry that good Pacific details the way that you wanted I am Netherlands with cogen syndrome that don't understand me quite good


link :



see version on this list 

  • 3.0 disharmony new patch here +1
  • soon release disharmony ver.2  and java version 1.0 on 1.12.2 


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