Divine Journey 1.2.4


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    Jun 25, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


Version 1.2.4: (hopefully the last time I have to update the Quest Book)
- Changed more quest objectives to NBT independent detection (EnderIO Machines, MFR Machines, RFTools Machines, Unstable Tools, Jetpacks, MagicalCrops Infusion Stones, Blood Orbs, Blood Magic Tools, Botania Tools, Thamucraft Wands, Draconic Evolution Tools & Armors, Creative Machines)
- Added the final quest descriptions: Rest of Exploration quests
- VeinMining Netherrack is now disabled (no longer will you accidentally fall into lava)
- You can no longer convert Hay Bales back into Wheat ( +Added a tooltip for this)
- You can now convert Koboldite Ingots into Nuggets
- Draconic Core now only requires a Koboldite Nugget instead of an Ingot
Server update from a 1.2 version to 1.2.4 version:
Updating from 1.2.3:
Replace these old files with the new ones from the download:
- config/hqm/quests.hqm
- config/hqm/quests.hqm-backup
- config/veinminer/tools-and-blocks.cfg
- scripts/DraconicEvolution.zs
- scripts/MinecraftRecipes.zs
- scripts/Tooltips.zs
- scripts/Witchery.zs
Updating from 1.2.2:
Also replace the this old file with the new one from the download:
- scripts/BloodMagic.zs
Updating from 1.2.1 or 1.2:
Also replace the these old files with the new one from the download:
- config/agricraft/Configuration.cfg
- config/RunicDungeons/ChestGen.cfg
- config/RunicDungeons/Chestgeneration.cfg

Additional Files