Divine Journey 1.4.0


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    Jul 30, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


NEW: EASY MODE: about 1100 recipes cheapened
Use "/ftb_mode set easy" or "/ftb_mode set hard" to switch between the two modes! (Current mode was renamed to "hard".)
(You don't need to create a new world to switch an existing world to Easy Mode.)

The Achievement Book will reset with this update!


Version 1.4.0:
- Created Easy mode, which makes most of the recipes a lot easier to craft (see above)
- Added FTB Tweaks to be able to switch between the 2 modes
- Corrected 10 Achievements in the Achievement Book to apply to both Easy and Hard mode, and to fix some typos
- Added an explanation of Easy and Hard modes on the first couple pages of the Achievement Book
- Mattocks can now be used to VeinMine what an Axe could
- Massively cheapened the Dire Autocrafting Table in Hard Mode
- Cheapened the Creative Dimension Builder in Hard Mode to only require an AE2 Creative Energy Cell instead of the EnderIO Creative Capacitor Bank
- Cheapened the Creative Tool Modifier in Hard Mode to only require a Corrupted Core instead of a Creative Jetpack
- Stencil Tables and Part Builders can now be converted to the Oak Wood varient to be able to finish their quests
- Sonic Glasses, Accessory: Visor, and Accessory: Iron Plating can now be crafted with both regular and DivineRPG armor pieces
- Fixed a bug that made the Amulet of Leaping uncraftable
- Added a secondary Chest recipe showing only Oak Wood, so it's clear what you have to use
- Changed the "Only for crafting" tooltip on all affected tools to red, so it's more visible
- Added a tooltip on Metamorphic Stones (required for Botania Runes) on how to obtain them
- Added a tooltip for the Unstable Ingot Block to suggest using a Pseudo-Inversion Sigil
- Added a long shift-tooltip for the Division Sigil on how to activate it and how to turn it into a Pseudo-Inversion Sigil
- Changed the words 'Platinum' and 'Nickel' to 'Shiny' and 'Ferrous' in Seed, Essence, and Upgrade names
- The Dire Autocrafting Table now correctly displays 'crafting' instead of 'crafing'


Server update from 1.3.5 to 1.4.0:

- Add FTBTweaks-1.0.2 to the mods folder
- Delete the old "scripts" folder and add the new "modpack" folder from this download, as that contains both the Easy and the Hard recipes and tooltips now
- Replace the config\veinminer\tools-and-blocks.json file with the new one from the download
- Replace the config\SimpleAchievements\achievementList.txt file with the new one from the download
- Delete all files inside world\SimpleAchievements
- Restart the server and type "/flushAchievements" ingame