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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


Before updating, make a backup of:
In Singleplayer: The entire C:\Users\*yourname*\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\Divine Journey folder
In Multiplayer: The entire Server folder.
If anything breaks, roll back to the latest version and the backup, and post your issue in the comments so I can fix it.


Version 1.5.0:
MOD UPDATES (with most important changes):
- NEW: Thaumcraft Node Tracker: Client-only mod that saves Node Locations, accessed with "I" by default.
- NEW: p455w0rd's Library: Required for the newer version of Wireless Crafting Terminal.
- Updated Avaritiaddons: Fixed Dire Autocrafting Table sometimes not outputting the correct amount of items, Infinity & Compressed Chest rendering issues, some crash issues.
- Updated Carpenter's Blocks: Fixed crash with invalid slope rotations, fixed torches not preventing mob spawning.
- Updated Iron Backpacks: New textures, a couple new upgrades, works exactly the same as the 1.10 version.
- Updated ExtraTiC: Supports more mods.
- Updated FTB Utilities: New Friends GUI, Fixed crash with claimed chunks on worldload.
- Updated FTB Lib: Fixed Sync issues between client and server.
- Updated Journey Map: Bugfix: Web Map needed updated API key to continue functioning
- Updated OpenBlocks: Improved rendering of Building Guide, New behavior of Hang Gliders based on real world, Variometer: acoustic indication of vertical speed for Hang Glider (accessed with "V" by default).
- Updated OpenModsLib: Massive expansion of Calculator.
- Updated: Thaumic Energistics: Microblock compatibility added, Arcane Assembler no longer eats Primordial Pearls, and supports recipes with the pearl, fixed a dupe issue.
- Updated VeinMiner: Ability to reload the config from game, works more smoothly.
- Updated WanionLib (required for Avaritiaddons).
- Updated Wawla: Added support for RFTools, Forbidden Magic, Agricraft villager professions. fixed a bug that spammed the console.
- Updated Wireless Crafting Terminal: Magnet mechanic works with VeinMiner, support for EnderIO Soulbound Enchantment.
- Mining Nether Ores no longer make Pigmen aggressive.
- Mining Nether Ores no longer cause explosions.
- VEINMINER: Now works on the following blocks:
   - Pickaxe: Speed Rune, Rune of Sacrifice, Rune of Self-Sacrifice, Iron/Golden/Diamond Spikes, MFR Conveyors, Extra Utilities Conveyors,
     Nether Minicio Ore, End Minicio Ore
   - Axe: Storage Drawers Trims, Wooden Spikes
- Disabled the "World Domination with OpenBlocks" book in the player's starting inventory.
- Fixed "codechickencore.update" appearing in chat every time the world loads.
- The Question mark Icon in the Main Menu now reads: "Minecraft Forum Post with Information".
(- In the new FTB Utilities update, the player starts with 16 Apples instead of 1 -> Changed it back to 1. This change is made in the "local" folder.)
- Iron Backpacks are now slightly cheaper, but Thermal Expansion Satchels are slightly more expensive.
- Drawer Controller and Controller Slave is now slightly more expensive in Hard Mode.
- Added 7 new items with the name of "Zzacharium" (Crafted with Realmite, Pumpkin, Thronvines, Amber, Barley Seeds, Natura Obelisk, and a Potion of Harming/Poison).
- Natura Obelisk now requires Alumentum besides Ghostwood.
- Added a secondary way of crafting Witchery Poppets that is more expensive than the previous recipes but a lot more automatable (using Zzacharium).
- Capacitor Seeds, Brazier, Sun Dial, Weather Controller, and Creative Tool Modfier now require Zzacharium related items.
- Massively Reduced the Essentia cost of Lambcrystal duplication.
- DivineRPG Iron Armor pieces can now be Pulverized or smelted in the Tinkers' Smeltery for Iron.
- Iron Backpacks and Satchels: "Remove items before upgrading to the next tier."
- Enderium Ingot: "To obtain Shiny for this item, use Ferrous Ore and Cinnabar in an Induction Smetler to get Shiny with a 100% chance."

Server update from 1.4.4 to 1.5.0:
Replace the old:
- config
- local
- modpack
- mods
folders with the new ones from the "Divine Journey 1.5.0 Server files" attached to this file.


You can also copy these folders from the client's Divine Journey folder at:
C:\Users\*yourname*\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\Divine Journey
But make sure to first remove all the client-only mods from the server's "mods" folder. These include:
- Autowalk
- Custom Main Menu
- Inventory Tweaks
- Journey Map
- Mouse Tweaks
- Resource Loader
- TCNodeTracker

Additional Files