Divine Journey 1.5.3


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    Sep 8, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


Version 1.5.3:
- The NEUTRON COLLECTOR now only requires a Creative Cache instead of a Creative Energy Cell in Hard Mode, and a Creative Storage Upgrade instead of an AE2 Creative Energy Cell in Easy Mode.
- Ziviuno can now be converted back into Mass Zivicio.
- Sheep Essence can now actually be crafted into Wool.
- Chisel Diorite, Andesite & Granite now also work in Botania Alchemy transformations.
- Resolved an exploit with the MFR Unifier and custom Ore Dictionaries.
- Removed the Capacitor Bank upgrade NBT transfer from the previous update, since it also reduced how much each newly crafted Capacitor Bank can store. (There was no reason to upgrade, because the max storage amount stayed the same.)
- Modified the Division Sigil tooltip to include the creation of a redstone circle around the Enchantment Table.
- Fixed a typo in the Soul Fragment tooltip from "itr equires" to "it requires".
- Fixed a typo in the Ancient Bookshelf tootip from "Iceica" to "Iceika".


Server update from any other 1.5.X Version to 1.5.3:
- Download the newest server files from here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/divine-journey/files/2477424
- Replace the old modpack and config folders from the download.


If you modified your pack with custom mods and configs, you can still make this update from any 1.5.X Version:
1. Download the Server files attached to this file: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/divine-journey/files/2477424
2. Replace the C:\Users\*yourname*\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\Divine Journey\modpack folder with the one from the what you have downloaded.
3. Replace the C:\Users\*yourname*\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\Divine Journey\config\veinminer\tools-and-blocks.json file with the one from the what you have downloaded.
4. Replace the C:\Users\*yourname*\Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\Divine Journey\config\powercrystals\minefactoryreloaded folder with the one from the what you have downloaded.

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