[Known Issue] Some Quest bugs #6

  • AtricosHU created this issue Aug 15, 2017

    Bug description: The following 5 quests are buggy/don't work as intended/are missing something:

    1. Cactus Farmer: It's a Crafting Task instead of a Detection Task. Suggestion: You don't need to complete it in the early game, it's not a necessary quest for the progression. However, if you want to complete all quests, it's possible to craft Cactus with Nature Essence later on.

    2. Imaginary Time Block: Has no quest reward. My bad.

    3. Energy Pylon: Has no quest reward. My bad.

    4. Enhanced Charm of Dislocation: Has no quest reward. My bad.

    5. Creative Wand: Has no quest description. Also my bad.


    Why am I not fixing these? Unfortunately whenever I update the Quest Book, everyone's Quest progress resets. No matter how small of a change I make, this happens. Unfortunately HQM is badly coded. However, the issues mentioned above aren't a huge deal, you can still easily complete the pack and do anything with any mod, even having such mild annoyances.

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  • Electrofried posted a comment Sep 22, 2017

    The quest for the runic dungeon quest does not register with keys other than the initial key you get on entering the dungeon due to nbt tags. This is an issue for multiplayer servers where only the first person joining gets the bonus key.

  • Buffbud96 posted a comment Jan 13, 2019

    Is the nature essence bugged? I just tried to craft nature essence into cactus, and it wouldn't work... i put the essence in the crafting table into a 2X3 and it wouldn't craft...

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