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//minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/dm2/settings/" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/dm2/settings/[url=https:/imgur.com/9kL4odc][img]http:/i.imgur.com/9kL4odc.png[/img][/url]" alt="" />    Original Mod by barracudaATA4:  http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/wip-mods/1439594-dragon-mounts-r46-wip


Credit To Ice and Fire Developers: They're code helped some of the problems and features. Check out theyre mod here. 

Ice and fire in Minercraftforum

Ice and fire in Minecraftforge


    This mod was made to make useless ender dragon eggs hatcheable, you can tame the dragon like a

pet and make it ride for you and soar in the skies. Once managed by BarracudaAta4 revived by me, TheRPGAdventurer . This mod however has dragon armor(for player and dragon) / tools and firebreathing dragons (added by me), higher dragon health and immunity.


How to use dragon carriages 



I would appreciate that any modpack creators and/or server administrators that greatly benefit from having my mod in their pack/on their server donate to my Patreon, but I am not requiring this.


Other Websites

You can use my mod for other websites  load it with ads but always link in here at curseforge

No don't im not allowing it anymore, they load viruses on my jar file


Download Llibrary Here It is REQUIRED!!: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/llibrary/files

Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/TheRPGAdventurer

Discord: https://discord.gg/H2AevPH


If you want to report issues, press issues tab next to Images, use this format.

Minecraft Version: The version of Minecraft used to produce this bug

Forge Version: The version of Forge used to produce this bug

LLibrary Version: The version of LLibrary used to produce this bug

DM2 Version: The version of Dragon Mounts 2 used to produce this bug



 Write a brief description of the bug.

Repro Steps:

 These are step-by-step instructions to reproduce the bug.  Step 1 is ALWAYS launching the game.

Observed Result:

 Describe what happens when you do the repro steps.  If it only happens some of the time, mention that along with an estimate of the percentage of the time that it occurs.

Expected Result:

 Describe what should happen instead when you do the repro steps.

  • Describe it as if it actually happens rather than stating that it should happen.
    • Good: "The dragon becomes tamed."
    • Bad: "The dragon should become tamed."
  • Avoid simply stating the opposite of the observed result when possible.
    • Good: "The dragon becomes tamed."
    • Bad: "The game does not crash."


 Here is where you put a bullet list of other details about the bug that could be of use.  When you are preparing to report a bug, it is good to do "halo testing", which is where you explore other related scenarios that could also produce similar behavior.


Crash Report/Log:

 LINK to crash report/log if relevant.  Do not simply paste in your log


Screenshot showing the bug in action.  The screenshot should reflect the bug, and may need some markup to highlight the problematic behavior.


 * Dragons don't spawn naturally. You have to find dragon nests in their corresponding biomes (Water is plains and swamp, Sunlight is desert, etc) and in the nether. To get scales, you have to tame a dragon with lots of raw fish, then craft diamond shears, and wait for your dragon to become an adult.  It will take some time for your dragon to grow up (24000 ticks or 20 min per growth stage). 



This Resource Pack consists of dragons having feathered wings (excluding Wither and Skeleton, they both have different retextures however). Feel free to use and do NOT claim credit for this pack. Unzip the zip in the resourcepacks folder in .minecraft to make it work.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/2v843mkcf297rna/1.6 Feathery Dragons - Dragon Mounts 2.zip?dl=0


This resource pack is about the old and simple, yet great textures from when Dragon Mounts 1 was still in development. People who dislike too much glow or miss the old textures are welcome to use this. https://www.dropbox.com/s/azxazfi85g4nda0/The Nostalgic Dragon Mounts - DM2.zip?dl=0



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