DTobik's 8-bitCraft



Simple and nice 8x8 blocks!

8-bitCraft is an 8x8 based resource pack. It revamps the current Minecraft blocks into more simple ones.
The pack includes textures for blocksentitites like Shulker, and even 3D models!


Even though it is only 8x8, don't feel like it's a downgrade from the classic Minecraft 16x16. The colours of 8-bitCraft are very vibrant, the textures have certain beauty in their simplicity!


Low-end computers shouldn't have any problem running this resource pack. Most textures are 8x8 blocks, which can even boost up your frames-per-second up a little! 


Wood  Nature

Ores   Redstone

 Compatible with: 1.13, 1.13.1, 1.13.2

Credit to MAXAR for making sounds


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