Dungeon Tactics

If the changelog states any changes the config, delete your old DT config before complaining.


Intro & Description

Dungeon Tactics is a gameplay focused mod. Adding new types of melee weapons, new ranged weapons, and new tiers of armour and tools. Aswell as craftable traps to help you defend your base. Along with Towers and randomly generated Dungeons. All that and some other fun things.

- If you have a suggestion, or wish to share anything related to the mod, feel free to do so on the Minecraft Forum thread found HERE -

I have tried to keep it in the feel of Minecraft, rather than attempt to change the game on a large scale, but add some new ways to play. This is not and end-game mod, but aims to add variety to the game.
I aim to make sure things work as intended before adding anything new, so please report any bugs you find.

As a fan of RogueLike games, I'm not going to tell you much of how things work. You'll just have to work it out for yourself. But I will give a couple of hints:
- I have kept controls simple, so experiment with vanilla inputs (right-click, sneak, etc.)
- The slingshot uses several different ammo types, so experiment with things you think a slingshot could shoot.

- The new armours make up for their lower physical defence in other ways.


Current Features:


Various melee weapons of all material types (plus some for materials added by other mods)
Melee weapons have right-click abilities (requires a Mastery Tome)

Studded Leather armour - More durable than leather, with armour toughness

Gilded and Jewelled armour - Iron/diamond level defence respectively with the enchantability of gold and more magic defence.

Slingshot - uses various ammo types, such as seeds and small rocks

Thrown grenades - can also be dispensed (Explosive, Fire, Teleporting, and Cryo) - Cryo grenades slow targets and increase all damage taken for a short time. This effect stacks.

Potshot - uses Fire Charges for ammo, projectile effect based on enchantments

Heart drops - drops from creatures and hostiles, heals a small amount when picked up. Can be bottled and crafted into Heart of Gold for semi-permanent absorption hearts.

Unique Items - Non-craftable 'legendary' loot. These items are rare to find, but carry more interesting effects than typical equipment - can be repaired with bottled experience.



Magic Tether - sneak+use to teleport to your bed

Bone Charms - remove stated debuff when used - 'fragile' - dropped by Tower Guardian & WitherBoss

Phylactery - will consume itself to save you from death - requires some XP levels - dropped by WitherBoss

Bag of Hoarding - portable Ender Chest

Duct Tape - Repairs the item in your other hand, requires 1 experience per use

Wrench - used to rotate blocks, such as pistons or fans - good for picking up redstone stuff and rails.

Mastery Tome - Each one allows you to use one of a variety of weapon abilities (use the appropriate weapon with a tome in your inventory or off hand - some tome require you to use your weapon on a target, others do not)

Portable Tunnelling Device - requires gunpowder. Right-click blocks to tunnel - place in dispenser (with Sonic Boom enchant) for ghetto block breaker

Engineers Doorag & Dungarees - nullify the effects of traps, not great as armour.

Rocket Pants - Requires Gunpowder, jump to activate

Flight Goggles - Allows Rocket Pants to float down (cancelled by sneaking)

Bounce Boots - Bouncy Bouncy, Oh such a good time, Bouncy Bouncy, Shoes all in a line

Battle Harness - More effective than it seems, sometimes



Obsidian Bricks - can be moved by pistons.

Dungeon Glass - Generates in Towers, blocks most light.

Wither Web - It's like a net... That wants to kill you
Powered Bars - Don't pee on it

Fan Block - Pushes entities, extinguishes fires, and blows away dust - stronger push if there is another fan behind

Flamer Block - Deals fire damage based on distance to entities within range - can light fires, heat furnaces, and ignite explosives

Barrel - 9 slot container that you can drop items directly into - just about the right size for a chicken

Powder Keg - Highly flammable, highly fun
Trap Plates - Various effects, pretty obvious by name - or you can step on it to find out what it does

Loot Bags - Drops a catagory of loot - uses json loot tables for customisability

Guardian Alter - Non craftable, spawns atop towers - use to spawn the Tower Guardian



Tower Guardian - Deals additional magic damage at higher difficulties - Place a skull on the alter, after a moment, the arena will be spawned, where you will fight the Tower Guardian


World Gen:
Flowers - Not just pretty, spread like mushrooms

Mob Towers - Generated in Overworld and Nether

Randomly generated Dungeons - Generated in Overworld and Nether (these are still being worked on)

Pirate Ships (WIP)

Nether Gold Ore - it's where the Pigmen get all their sweet loots



Potion Fish - Intended as an early game alternative to potions

Food Rations - Crafted from rotten flesh, making it a more viable food source - Standard Ration can still make you sick - Iron Ration has a high chance to give resistance.

Cherry Bombs and Incindiberries - Found on bushes, can be eaten, dispensed, or used as Slingshot ammo (these are mostly just for fun)

Ore Clusters - Allows for fortune on Iron and Gold (aswell as some ores added by other mods) automatically assigns smelting output, but this can be overridden or disabled in the config.

Gilded material - adds the enchantability of gold to Iron.

Jewelled material - adds the enchantability of gold to Diamond.

Smelting enchantment - smelt as you mine
Berserking enchantment - deal up to 5 bonus damage when wearing less armour

Runed enchantment - converts a portion of physical damage into magical damage

Life Steal enchantment - as the name suggests, causes you to toot rainbows...

Custom Advancements

Config options

I have added some of my items to chest loot

My mob drops respect the doMobLoot gamerule

My explosions respect the mobGreifing gamerule
My structures respect the world settings

Role-Play Purposes:
Right-clicking a carpet, slab, stair, pressureplate, or trapplate with an empty hand, you will sit on the block.
Earning an achievement will drop a named certificate, for you to display all of your accomplishments. (currently disabled)
These features can be disabled in the config.


Future Plans:

Unique Weapons (Done, but more may be added in the future)

Small surface dungeons and hidden treasures (Done)
More/improved surface dungeons (Working on)
Nether dungeons (Working on)
Dungeon dimension (Not Started)

Environmental dangers (Done)

Improvements to weapons (Done, but will be worked on further)

More traps and flowers which will generate in the world/dungeons (Done, but will be worked on further)

Content as loot (Done)

Tower Guardian (Done)
Config (Working on as needed)

More dungeony stuff

Other fun things

Initially this mod was a small idea and the rogue-like lack of information was fun, but I feel it would now be fair to give some information about the less obvious stuff. This will be done via a book, in game. (Done) - Side note, the information in this book is deliberately obtuse - if you have actually read this description, consider yourself in on the joke.


Hit the jump for my Twitter for the odd post about what I am working on, or make suggestions for the mod... And other nonsense: JUMP PAD 

You may use Dungeon Tactics in your modpack, if you have read the description and give credit where applicable.
If you think you have found a bug or issue, make sure you are using the latest version and have read the description BEFORE sending me a bug report.
I am regularly tweaking and balancing, as well as trying new ideas, so check back from time to time.
I am also welcome to your suggestions.


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