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    May 12, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


WARNING! Due to many changes, you will lose several items/blocks - Backup your worlds!
Also, you might want to delete your DT config. A lot changed in that too.

*Fixed flowers effecting harvester even when holding the proper tool
+Re-added master weapons to loot pools... Because I forgot to do that last update. Don't judge me.
+Added Piston trap
*Fixed some localisation stuff and normalised several registry names (and changed some) - this will cause some blocks/items to be lost
+Added Bone, weapons/armour
*Moved Silver and Steel from supported resources to base mod
+Added Steel and Silver resources (ore, ingots, etc.)
*Made jam on toast, but I ran out of jam. Not happy.
*Increased Heart Drop max stack size to 64
*Lots of json unification nonsense, to reduce file size by almost 0.001kb
*Changed Flint and Steel recipe to actually use Steel (config option to keep vanilla recipe)
+Added cheap Fire Starter
+Throwing Knives can now be dispensed
*Fixed loot table issue
*Hidden trap plates are no longer triggered by non-player entities
*Tweaked Enchant rarities
*Changed Glaive recipes
*Changed Sharp Stick recipe
*Shone a laser pointer through the window accross the street and watched my neighbours try to work it out
*Sharp Stick can be stacked up to 64
*Sharp Stick now has a one in three chance to break, when used as a weapon
*Improved trap models
*Code clean up
-Maths gave me a headache
+Added recipe for Dungeon Glass
*Replaced Battle Armour with Plate Armour - works in a similar way, check the mod features list for more information
+Added config for 'crushing' to either generate resources by magic, or use a json loot table
*Modified some textures
-Removed 'Bigger Boom' Enchant (only applicable to the Portable Tunnelling Device)
+Portable Tunnelling device can now use silk touch (even on a right click)
+Added config option to replace vanilla bread recipe, in favour of DT's flour recipe
*Dropped a full inventory of sticks in one spot and watched them spin
!DT reached 2million downloads! Have some jam on toast