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Everyone Knows That Dwarf's Are The Supreme Race In Everything. So Now They Are TAKING OVER MINECRAFT!!!! Mine Dwarvenmite Ore In Order To Smelt Dwarvenmite Which Is A Material So Much Stronger Than Diamond, A Dwarvenmite Pick Can Kill A Mob In 1 Blow And It Lasts For 6000 Hits!!!! Also Dwarvenmite Armor Is 2x Stronger Than Diamond, And On The Plus Side Diamond Is A Pain In The * To Find, Where As Dwarvenmite Is Rare But Not As Far From Sea Level And You Can Come Across It Less Than You Would Coal. I Hope You Enjoy This Mod :D

If the download button isn't working then go to this link: DOWNLOAD

Here Is A Spotlight Videos By EliteUKClan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmLAmYIFvPU&feature=player_embedded

Here's Some Pics:

Pic Pic Pic

Here Is The Crafting Recipe's:

Dwarven Mite


Dwarven Chest

Dwarven Legs

Dwarven Helm

Dwarven Feet

Dwarven Hammer

Dwarven Spade

Dwarven Axe

Dwarven Pickaxe

Dwarven TNT


- 01/09/11 - DwarvenmiteOre Groups Are Now Much Smaller And It Is Now 10% More Rare To Find.

- 01/09/11 - Now Added Achievements, For More Fun :D

- 02/09/11 - Now Added A Rare Version That U Can Download If You Want The Ore To Be As Rare As Diamond I Have Also Fixed The 20+ Spawning In This Version.

- 02/09/11 - Fixed The Dumb Spelling Errors :)

- 02/09/11 - Changed The Texture For The DwarvenHammer.

- 03/09/11 - Dwarven Ore Is Now Harder To Mine And More Resistant. And Now You Can Make TNT With Dwarvenmite.

- 03/09/11 - Now Added New Monster Mob Called Zombie Dwarf's :o

- 02/10/11 - Updated to 1.8 but mobs are not working yet.

- 29/10/11 - Created Installer.

- 30/10/11 - Installer not working :( So reverting back to jar files.

- 02/11/11 - Installer is fixed and ready to rock and roll.


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