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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


The Thick Update 0.9.2


This release features the ability for some tree species to have trunks larger than a single block. This also features an overhauled dark oak trees and roofed forest and powerful worldgen configuration via json files.


New Features:

  • Select species can now have trunks larger than a single block
  • Dark Oaks now have thick trunks
  • Mega spruce variant added with thick trunks in Mega Tiaga biomes
  • More variations in generated huge mushrooms
  • Enhanced poisson disc packing
  • Allow multipass poisson disc packing
  • Enhanced Roofed forest generation
  • Add mega spruce(has thick trunk) in Mega Taiga biome
  • Enhanced mushroom island generation
  • Enhanced waila dispay now shows number of logs and sticks from tree
  • New tree feature system for modular tree features
  • Surface roots on some large tree species
  • Add client option to disable rooty dirt texture mimicry
  • Rework world generator to be more compatible with Cubic Chunks mod
  • Option to disable stick harvesting
  • Make voluntary seeds drop only in forests
  • Allow growth speed multiplier to go below 1.0 to allow for slow tree growth
  • Growth "folding" to improve performance
  • Reduced default growth speed by half
  • Woodland staff handle is the referenced species heartwood color
  • Roots in rooty dirt block are the color of the tree's heartwood
  • Increased vine coverage on jungle and swamp trees
  • Make world generation use a json file for customization
  • Seeds fall through the forest canopy
  • Added /dt settree command to place trees via command line
  • Added /dt repop command to reload worldgen settings during gameplay
  • Add maxuses NBT tag to woodland staff for survival mode

 Bug fixes:

  • Fix for sloppy block breaking
  • Fix falling tree "blink" after harvest
  • Fix falling tree entity bounding box so it doesn't disappear
  • Fix +8,+8 biome offset causing improper disc packing at biome boundaries
  • Fix multi dimension handling
  • Fix soil life calculation for waila(now says 100% when full)
  • Fix plantings saplings over grass and snow layers
  • Fixed display glitch with harvesting when falling trees are disabled
  • Fix ray tracing algorithm to account for Passable Leaves Mod ASM sabotage
  • Don't generate trees on flat worlds


  • Move away from linked lists to array lists for model quads for better memory usage and performance
  • Better handling of rooty dirt block after harvesting
  • Remove custom fire block and burning interfaces that never worked correctly anyway

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