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Supported Minecraft 1.5 Versions

  • 1.5.2


Version 1.9.2-alpha-2

  • Revamp modsupport layout: mod support in given version limited to what is appropriate for version, and stays in JAR file. Additional custom mod files can be placed in renderdata director to add new or replace existing mod rendering support
  • Optimize texture loading - avoid texture loading for disabled mod blocks
  • Additional debug logging for render errors
  • Enhance texture and models file syntax
  • Add custom renderers for door, gates (improves render quality)
  • Keep mod support files internal to plugin, allow external renderdata files to supersede internal ones
  • Add new map shader 'inhabited' - shade map based on cumulative time chunks have been inhabited by players
  • Fix problem with render jobs sometimes being duplicated during restarts
  • Handle missing custom color map textures in broken RPs (like John Smith)
  • Add debug option to dump IDs of blocks with no rendering data
  • Add use-brightness-table option (default on for new installs, off default for existing) - more accurate color and lighting model vs MC client

Version 1.9.2-alpha-1:

  • Add /dynmap quiet command: stop progress messages on active renders
  • Add 'savependingperiod' setting : allows periodic pending job saves (better crash recovery)
  • Fix world name mapping - make MCPC+ consistent with Bukkit and vanilla Forge: fixes Bukkit plugins on MCPC+
  • Add support for h+v and v+h Connected Texture Mod methods
  • Add support for loading model/texture definition files from mods: *-models.txt and *-texture.txt can be mod-supplied
  • Improve error handling on numeric command parameters
  • Add API for mods to dynamically publish block rendering descriptions to Dynmap
  • Fix packed ice rendering (should not be transparent)
  • Update TConstruct files to not break on DW20 version (
  • Fix rendering of top half of 1.7.2 tall flowers (needed custom renderer)
  • Add updated color schemes - sphax, dokuhigh, dokulight, dokudark, misa, etc.
  • Update colorschemes for 1.7.2
  • Update Jetty to 8.1.14.v20131031, improve URL normalization
  • Switch glass pane / iron fence type blocks to use new pane renderer
  • Update Railcraft support for v8 blocks backported to v7.3
  • Fix mapping of 1.6 cobblestone texture to pre 1.6 renders