Originaly created by RealGoran now i continue his work. Echelon will be updated to the new snapshots and other versions as soon as they come out. If you find any bugs, feel free to report them on Twitter.



  1. Why are there some default textures?
    Echelon tries to keep the default aspect of Minecraft so you will find some default textures here and there that might get changed in some time.

  2. Where can i contact you?
    Feel free to tweet me on Twitter.

  3. Can i edit your pack?
    Please read the Terms of use below.

  4. Do you support old versions?
    Support for a minecraft version ends as soon as a new version releases.
    If you are still on 1.8, you are more than 5 version behind and are missing about 350+ new features and bugfixes. update your game, servers and take your friends with you.

Terms of use


  1. If you want to make a "edit" of this pack, you must do it in form as a resourcepack addon where only your textures are included, and link back to so any other user only has to put your additional resourcepack on top of mine. Or else i will have to report and take down your project.

  2. If you are a owner of a resourcepack website like minecraftsix and you want to upload / repost my resourcepack, do not do it without asking me for permission.

  3. If you want to review my resourcepack via video in a honest way, be sure to leave me a link so i can give you a thumbs up on it.

  4. You must not upload my resourcepack anywhere. Link to this website or my direct link instead.

  5. If you link to me or the resourcepack, do it via a direct link and not with some type of link like Adfly. I do this work for free, so do not use my work for commercial use.

  6. Want to use my pack as a server-resourcepack? No problem, host the pack on your servers and don't give out the download link. instead use minecraft's server-resourcepack option and point a message to this page when users are given the pack.


Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag


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