Electroblob's Wizardry - 4.1.2 - MC 1.12.2.jar


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    Electroblob's Wizardry - 4.1.2 - MC 1.12.2.jar
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    Jun 5, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


+ Added a smelting recipe for crystal ore, resolving issue #43
+ Crystal ore now drops 1-4 experience when mined
+ Legendary wizard armour now grants +2 armour toughness per piece, like diamond armour
+ Added a mind control targets blacklist option to the config, resolving issue #39
+ Added an evil wizard spawn dimensions config option and restricted their spawning to 1 per chunk, resolving issue #26 - by default, evil wizards now only spawn in the overworld
+ Tab-completion for spell names in commands now works without having to specify the modid
* Reorganised the config file and config GUI
* Non-evil wizards' minions will no longer attack players unless the player in question has angered the wizard
* Converted all non-dynamic crafting recipes to JSON
# Told wizards to behave themselves and stop pretending to be villagers
# Told petrified creatures not to be scared of the moonlight, they now break out at night as intended
# Fixed issue #12, an issue with GL state changes
# Fixed issue #18, where there were two recipes for converting crystal blocks to crystals, one of which was incorrect
# Fixed issue #20, where the arcane workbench did not drop its inventory items correctly when broken
# Fixed issue #23, where stones of transportation did not drop when unsupported
# Fixed issue #31, where the game would crash when entities were added to immunity lists
# Fixed issue #32, where the elements tag of the random_spell loot function caused a crash
# Fixed issue #36, where the game would crash when opening the wizard's handbook if wizardry's keybindings were set to mouse buttons
# Fixed issue #37, where spirit horses and wolves (though the latter was unnoticeable) incorrectly used the loot tables for regular horses and wolves
# Fixed issue #38, where wizards' names would show up incorrectly in certain places
# Fixed issue #40, where sigils (and various other entities) would behave incorrectly if they could not retrieve their caster, for instance if their caster logged out or after a server reboot
# Fixed issue #41, where some death messages not translated properly
# Fixed a related bug in where death messages would display upon death of a minion as a result of it having a custom name tag
# Fixed issue #42, where throwable projectiles would hit their thrower when aimed at an entity at close range
# Fixed issue #44, where wizard armour would behave weirdly in various ways
# Fixed issue #46, a rendering issue that occurred with Conquest Reforged installed
# Fixed issue #47, a rendering issue that occurred with Stellar API installed
# Fixed issue #48, where the arcane tinkering advancement would be granted incorrectly
- Removed the crafting recipe config options; use the recipe JSON files to modify recipes