What does the mod?

Electrometrics is a Minecraft mod that adds electrical components for measuring energy and monitor your grid.

One block that is added to this mod is the Electricity Meter, the purpose of it is to measure the total of electric current that passes thru. It comes in 4 different tiers, (Basic, Advanced, Elite and Ultimate) each one with different energfy storage capacity and throughput.

The block can only be altered (Broken or have the counter reset) by the player who placed it, this to prevent cheating the current energy counted.


What mods does it integrate with?

This mod mainly supports the Redstone Flux energy system, but are compatible with other energy systems as well. Also many of them integrates with Redstone Flux. Examples of this is: Buildcraft (MJ), Mekanism (J) and IndustrialCraft (EU).

You can choose which energy systems to display as in the machine GUI's.

This mod also uses items for other mods in the recipes currently supported mods are: Mekanism. If none of these mods is present, there is recipes using only vanilla items in it.



There are no documentation for recipes yet, please use NotEnoughItems for this.



More images can be found in the images tab.



The mod is released under the GPLv3 license.  This means you are welcome to redistribute this mod under the terms of the GPLv3 license.

But for those of you  who  wants to know, yes you can put this in public modpacks as long as private (As long as you don't modify it).


NOTE: Use with caution, this is in beta state and may be unstable. Remember to always back up your world!


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