Elemental Affinities

An affinity-based magic system to Minecraft, brought to you by Team Trainwreck. After crafting the Affinity Selector block, you can choose up to three of eight affinities, after which you will be able to cast spells of your selected affinity types. Spell selection is limited due to time constraints (you literally only need three affinities to cast all of them), but there are plans to expand it in the future. There's also a mana and leveling system, though that has limited implementation as of yet.


Currently, the spells do not function as intended in Survival Mode, but that should be fixed Soon™.


(fig. 1 Affinity Selector crafting recipe)


(fig. 2 the Affinity Selector... in the wild!)


(fig. 3 Have the ability to cast up to three of all eight spell types)


So what are you waiting for? Us to further develop the mod? Pshh, it's already perfect and your opinion is wrong.
The download button is located at <client.locateDownloadButton>, just waiting for you to try it out!



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