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#modern is a bit of fresh air in modpacks. It's middle-weighted magic-tech modpack with the recent mods for 1.8.9. It was designed for playing on private russian server elittle.net, but also good for singleplayer or your own server! I tried to avoid most common mods, like Tinkers Construct to force players find unusual ways to solve their "problems". Enjoy!

Update happens about each week, at least until mods will become more stable.



What are the RAM requirements?

For best expirience you need 4Gb RAM for pack. Using additional Java parameter "-XX:+UseG1GC" aslo helps increase stability.


How to create own server?

Download and install forge. Download modpack. Copy over the mods, configs, and scripts folders to your server. Remove MouseTweaks mod from mods on server (because crash). Start server.


How to download a pack without installing Curse Voice?

You can use:

  • curseDownloader by portablejim for downloading client (in result you get complete pack to putting inside vanilla launcher for example)
  • modpack-helper by KaseiFR for deploying a pack to server



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