Emerald Lucky Block v1.10 - Lag fix


Use Lucky Block v7.0.1 for MC 1.8

Use Lucky Block v7.0.2 for MC 1.8.9


Probably last update, hopefully nothing breaks. This

Update should fix massive lag issues. Both 1.8 & 1.8.9 should work.


Lucky Block Emerald

A Lucky Block Add-on with 387+ new/modified block drops!



Crafting Recipe (Green Wool Can Also Be Used)

Alternate Crafting Recipe


Natural Generation:

New Lucky Structure

New Unlucky Structure

New End Towers

New Ore

Some Of The Drops:

New Armor, Tools, And Weapons!

Some Loot++ Items

New Well Design

What Could This Be For?

I Wonder What Is Below You...

Note Block Songs!

New Lucky Fort And Temple Designs!

Indeed He Is...


Pizza, Lucky Cookies, Coins, And Other Stuff!

Cactus Armor!

Boss Fights with spawn eggs! (*Note That The Drops Of Most Armor Are Not Exact*)

Troll Stuff!

New Luck Increase/Decrease Items:

Increase Items

Lime Dye =+7

Cactus Green =+5

Lapis =+2

Lime Wool =+15

Green Wool =+13

Lapis Block =+20

Redstone =+1

Redstone Block =+10

Sponge =+30

Cookie =+2



Decrease Items

Bedrock =-100

Required Mods ( You Must Install Both!!! )



Lucky Blocks


How To Install

1.) Run  The Lucky Block Mod At Least Once

2.) Open your ".minecraft" folder

3.) Open The Folder Named "addons" Then Open "lucky_block"

4.) Drag The Downloaded File Into "lucky_block"



 Video Reviews

PopularMMos Review:

Btw, the Full Power Wither is killable, he just has a long invincibility  effect that lasts for about 4-5 mins, as well this drop is rare.

(Effect will be removed in next update)


Lucky Block Race with prestonplayz's Perspective

Battle by TOM SHUFFLE (German)


An awesome Lucky Block race map made by me:

Super 14 Lucky Block Race!



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