En Mandig Modpack/A Manly Modpack


En Mandig Modpack, or one manly modpack, is a Minecraft 1.10 modpack designed for players who want to play the latest version in minecraft, but also enjoy the wondrous world of mods. It feautes a large variety of mods, including Tinker's Construct, Industrialcraft², Ender Zoo, and an all time favorite Mo's Creatures. It is a quite heavy modpack, as it holds more than 100 mods.

The modpack was originally designed as an Youtube let's play series featured on Den Mandige Elgs Youtube channel.


Put together by Jens Møller and Den Mandige Elg.


En Mandig Modpack er en Minecraft 1.10 modpack, lavet til spillere der vil spille modded Minecraft i den nyeste version. Pakken indeholder en stor mængde mods, blandt andet Tinker's Construct, Industrialcraft², Ender Zoo, og en alle tiders favorit favorite Mo's Creatures. Det er en forholdsvis stor pakke, da den indeholder mere end 100 mods. 


Pakken er oprindeligt lavet til en YouTube Lets's Play serie på Den Mandige Elgs kanal.


Lavet af Jens Møller og Den Mandige Elg


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