Enchanting Plus

Enchanting Plus 4

A reasonable way to enchant your items!


1.12 Notice: People keep asking me about E+ for 1.12. I get a lot of requests for this, both in the comments, twitter, on GitHub, discord, some people have even emailed my private email about it! Inquiring about updates may seem harmless enough, but to the dev you're messaging, it's not just one message, and is often a torrent of requests and pressure. As for E+ for 1.12, there is an update in the works, and downloads are available if you know where to look. This update is going to be a deep refactor, with the goal of fixing all the previous bugs with the mod. It will be published when it's read, and no sooner. No ETA on the release. 


This project is sponsored by Nodecraft. Use code Darkhax for 30% off your first month of service! 


Enchantment Scroll - These scrolls are dropped as a rare mob loot, and can also be found rarely in dungeon loot. When you have a new scroll, click and hold the right mouse button to use the scroll. Once the item has been held long enough, you will unlock the enchantment on the scroll, and will be able to apply it to your items at the advanced enchantment table. 


Advanced Enchantment Table - The advanced enchantment table is the upgraded version of the enchantment table, which allows you to manipulate the enchantments on the held item. When you place an item in the table, you will be able to manipulate the existing enchantments, and add new ones that you have unlocked. Items must be fully repaired to add new enchantments, and remove them. 


Enchanted Book - These are decorative blocks which look like enchantment books. They do not serve any key role, however they can be used as a substitute for bookeshelves around an enchantment table. If you click on one with a dye, it will change colors to that of the dye. You can also right click on one with an iron ingot to lower it, or a feather to raise it. 


Table Upgrade - Allows you to right click on an existing enchantment table, to turn it into the advanced one. Mainly for convenience. 


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