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    Feb 1, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


Enchiridion 2 - 2.0a

• It is suggested that you delete library_books.json for this update
• Fix a crash when there is no lang for the page you are reading in the language you have selected (defaults to en_US.json now).
• Fix default settings for blood magic and open blocks books
• Add two more witchery books and Encyclopedia Aura from Aura Cascade to default list (Girafi)
• Add a config for those with bad graphics cards. (Disables the 'cutoff' effect with the pedia so some things overlap. Bad graphics cards see a blank pedia currently (like my laptop >.<, so it's better than nothing))
• Move the pedia further up the screen (I was going to have a header but it's now just wasted space).
• I believe I've fixed how stubborn the library can be, breaking time to time?
• Can now specify 'free' in library_books.json. (If it is false the book is only added when you have obtained it normally).
• A bunch more things added to library_books.json, the following all require 'free' to be set to false.
• onCrafted - This book can be found in the library once you have crafted it (vanilla crafting)
• openGuiClass - This is a string whenever a player opens this gui, this book will then be available in the library
• openGuiNBT - This is a nbt key that the item the player is holding must have when opening the gui
• onPickup - When a player picks this item up after dropping it, it will get added to the library
• overwrite - The book that should overwrite
• Adds a command "/enchiridion refresh" which will reload the books in the library.
• Config to disable the autodiscovery of pedia articles in mods. It may reduce load time.
• Compressed some of the Textures