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Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions

  • 1.8.9


Enchiridon - 3.0.1
• Added a recipe for the library (With config to disable) 

You'll need to delete the library json file for this recipe to work

• Default recipe is like a bookshelf but using dark wood on the tops (vanilla spruce/dark oak), and any books that are supported by the library in the centre

• You can add any other woods you like in the library json file, using the customwood handler, which is why, you'll need to delete your existing one, so that vanilla woods get added to the list, along with a few modded ones like greatwood and livingwood.
• The books aren't consumed in the recipe, because why lose your information!
• Changed the hotkey to be disabled by default (Fixed localisation)
• Library now functions slightly differently
    • First right click of empty library will open the library
    • Books when right clicked will be marked as last clicked book
    • The Enchiridion library will appear as if it is that book
    • Further right clicks will open this mods book
    • Hold shift when right clicking a library to open it's gui
• Added some things to allow for Progression Integration
• Ingame Config support by Girafi
• Changed the default gui texture slightly, (old books use old one still)
• Added a slightly different positioned grid option to match the texture
• Fixed ItemStack saving