Ender IO - Demodelization

Are you tired of your Inventory Panel looking like a grill, and magically transforming into a pop-up book screen when you turn it on?


Are you tired of every block in Ender IO having a 1/4 pixel indent that makes every machine look out of place in Minecraft?


Look no more fam, I gotchu. Play EnderIO how it *should* look (in my personal opinion)!


Inventory Panels, Dimensional Transceiver, etc.

These are all my main annoyances. The inventory panel that looks like a grill when off, and transforms into a holographic display screen?! The dimensional transceiver looked bad in 1.7.10, and now even worse in 1.10.2. I made a complete new model that I think fits in really well. I just edited some buffer textures a bit to replace the weird Eyeball machine.


Fixed Machines

I couldn't unpop the top middle power monitor for some reason. Also I didn't do much to the bottom middle model.


More fixed machines

Had a lot of trouble with those buffers, there is some weird stuff going on there.


No more indents. BAD INDENTS, PLS GO

So much unnecessary 3-d.


Tanks n' Jars

Made new models for the zombie head jar things using Chisels & Bits.



If any of the EIO devs want to use any of these models, especially the Dimensional Transceiver, let me know! I also made a model for the Auto Enchanter thing that I couldn't get working.



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