Enigmatica 2: Expert 1.13


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    Mar 21, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


Known issues

  • Due to a mistake, Mekanism Gas Burning Generators do not work in this update. If you can't wait for the next update to fix it, you can do it yourself by changing HydrogenEnergyDensity to 200 in the mekanism.cfg file, in the config folder like so:
  • The keybind for Angel of Vengeance is conflicting with Bill of Materials, please rebind one to access AoV. This will be fixed in the next update. Sorry for the inconvinience.

Remember to run both update commands  

”/bqs_loot default load” and “/bq_admin default load”


  • Compact Machines by Davenonymous
  • BiblioCraft by Nuchaz
  • The BOM Plugin by osum4est


  • Immersive Engineering: Decreased the Excavator’s speed
  • Mekanism: Set Hydrogen Energy Density to 1, this should disable the positive feedback loop of Electrolytic Separator -> Gas Burning Generator
  • Bibliocraft: Removed the Clipboard, as it can cause rendering crashes
  • Ex Nihilo Creatio: Lithium/Boron/Magnesium/Thorium ores are now sieveable
  • Ex Nihilo Creatio: Osmium ore is now sieveable
  • Ex Nihilo Creatio: Uranium Ore Pieces are now sieveable
  • XNet: Advanced Connectors can now transfer fluids a lot faster
  • Unidict: Disabled Sulfur unification


  • Extra Utilities 2: Ender Lilies can now be melted into Resonant Ender
  • Rustic: Slate crafting now yields 4 Slate instead of 1
  • IndustrialCraft2: The Chunkloader is once again craftable
  • IndustrialCraft2: Batch Crafter is now craftable
  • Mekanism: The Anchor upgrade is once again craftable
  • Bibliocraft: Creative Bookcases
  • Tinkers’ Construct: Reinforced Modifier


  • ExtraUtilities2: Cursed Earth description corrected

Mod Updates (Link)

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