Environmental Tech


Environmental Tech is a mod containing a vast selection of Multiblock machines. This mod is still in early stages and has a lot more to come.

 This is geared towards mid to late game.

Every multiblock has multiple tiers that have added features.


The generators in this mod generate a lot of energy. They also cost a lot of resources. They are not designed to be early game energy gen.



  • Multiblock Void Miners. They mine resources from the void but cost a lot of RF to run.
  • Multiblock Solar Panels.  They produce RF from sunlight
  • Multiblock Lightning Rods. They produce RF from Lightning strikes.
  • Multiblock Nano Bot Beacon. Gives buffs to player at a cost of RF.
  • Modifiers (Upgrades). These are upgrades that alter the machine's properties. Most multiblock machines support these.
  • In Game Guide(Work in progress)
  • Forge Energy/RF support.
  • IC2 EU support when ValkyrieCompat is installed.

Support Environmental Tech's development:



bitcoin: 1KaGRcrzfRhByy3vk3A8br1twtc91KH4e2

ethereum: 0x983175330771eDA803Ec612D946bb0882C368054

Looking for a server with a great community?

Apply for white-list on my servers discord: https://discord.gg/5qzseB3

NOT FOR BUG REPORTS!!!! You will be removed.

Please follow the issues link to post bug reports.


May I use this mod in my Modpack?

Yes as long as you meet the following criteria:

  1. You credit me(ValkyrieofNight) as the author of this mod.
  2. You cannot make any money off of the modpack.

Also a link to this page is much appreciated.



Forge, and ValkyrieLib


My Other Mods:

I found a bug/have a question? 

Please make sure you have updated to the latest versions of ValkyrieLib and Environmental Tech before Submitting crash reports.

Use the Environmental Tech github repo to report bugs and crashes. Link can be found using the issues button on this curse page.



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