Event Stopper

Q: When will this mod be out for 1.13?

A: When forge releases for 1.13 that is (Aka its semi stable or stable enough.) [Lex's Tweet]


Event Stopper:

- Denies Certain Events on generation

- Originally named "Make the nether great again" but it has been expanded to a few other more event banning options.


This mod prevents:

- Fire generation in the nether [Those fire spawns that can cause lighting updates on generation]

- Overworld Lakes [Those small waterfalls and Lakes.]

- Lava pockets [The original. Enabled by default.]

- Overworld Lava [Those underground lava.]


Installation :

1. Install Forge

2. Download the mod and drag it over to the mods folder in the .minecraft(or your minecraft instance for MultiMC users)

3. Start the game

4. Profit



this mod does not do Retrogen.

layman terms : when you have already explore an area, it doesnt remove all the lava pockets in the area so still be careful...


Looking for Source?

Go to files -> select your version and then additional Files.


Pikohan hammer by: AurotheRiolu

Pikohan belongs to Bandai Namco


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