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Everything Explodes does exactly what it sounds like it does; it makes everything explode. There are currently four explosion modes: Better Than Auto-Jump, Kamikaze, The Hand Grenade, and Insanity.  You can switch explosion modes with the Cycle Explosion Modes keybind, on X by default. Press while sneaking to cycle backwards. But hey, don't take my word for it!  See for yourself in these demos:



Explosion Mode: Better Than Auto-Jump

Gfycat - Imgur



Explosion Mode: Kamikaze

Gfycat - Imgur



Explosion Mode: The Hand Grenade

Gfycat - Imgur



Explosion Mode: Insanity

Gfycat - Imgur



  • Install Forge
  • Navigate to your .minecraft folder
  • Download Pick Block Plus and place the jar file in .minecraft/mods
  • Play!



Can you use this mod in your modpack? I don't see why you'd want to, but absolutely! It's recommended to cite ChaosTheDude as the author of the mod and provide a link to the mod's Curse or Minecraft Forum page, but that's up to you.



This mod causes mass destruction. Don't use this mod in a world you don't want to utterly destroy.




If you enjoy the mod and would like to support the project, feel free to drop me a pledge on Patreon or a donation on PayPal. Support is greatly appreciated!



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